Everyone's a winner at Easter egg hunt

Posted on Thu, 05/01/2014 - 12:00pm

By Betty Mayian

Chicken painting egg

There are some activities at Malibu East that everyone loves. One is the Easter egg hunt – especially for the smallest of our residents. It is all about the kids, after all. Each year the children get cuter and cuter. They are all so very sweet and friendly. In the past, our Social Committee group got together and dyed the hard-boiled eggs for the event. Then we decided to use plastic eggs that can be filled with chocolate candies.

There are always people with food allergies or even diet preferences that would exclude one form of candy – or eggs, for that matter. Next year we may do a little of both – the actual dyed egg and some candy-filled plastic ones. When peanuts are involved, we notify the parents so they can eliminate those items if necessary.

The Friday before the hunt, which was held April 12, eight days before Easter, several of us met to actually put the candies in the eggs. That didn’t take long, and we were able to discuss the prizes given to the winners of our hunt. The next day we met at 9:30 a.m. to watch the Easter Bunny hide all the filled eggs. He then hid in order to watch the 11 children look for them. At 10:15 the smallest children got a head start on finding the eggs and filling their baskets. The slightly older ones soon followed, and in a short time all the hidden eggs were picked up.

I bought five candy bunnies as prizes and we decided to give one to the youngest boy, Teddy (10 months), and one to the youngest girl, Aalya (17 months). The child who found the most eggs would get a bunny. We had one child who collected 21 eggs and two others with 20 eggs each. That took care of the prizes. Social Committee chair Sandy Chaet purchased cookies and “peeps” for snacking. Committee member Aida Calvopina brought some pretty polka-dot eggs, as well.

We did not have a camera with us, so one of the lovely mothers offered to take pictures with her smartphone. She also collected the names of the children, and some of her pictures are featured in this issue.

What a nice day. All the people who came were wonderful. Thank you, parents, especially Ami Khara – for taking the pictures of these children. Thank you children: Ahmad, 7; Keely, 2; Woody, 4; Heidi, 6; Yasmine, 4; Samir 1½; Arjun, 3; Aanya 23 months; Iya, 2; Teddy; and Aalya. Thank you, Social Committee: Sandy Chaet, Marissa Michaels, Aida Calvopina, Ara Mayian and me.