Management Report: February 2019

Posted on Fri, 02/01/2019 - 11:00am

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours COMPLAINT PROCEDURE: We wrote an article in the January Dialogue about the complaint procedure recently adopted by the Board of Directors. As a clarification, this procedure relates to complaints involving the Association and unit owners. For instance, a unit owner challenging late fees on his/her account may file a complaint form, or an owner who wishes to complain about staff members or vendors hired by the Association may file a form. Please note that complaints associated with civil matters involving residents, guests and other individuals other than the Association or the Association’s agents are excluded from this procedure. Civil matters must be addressed by and among the involved parties with the support of other means, such as hiring an attorney or contacting 911. Unit owners or renters of Association-owned units who wish to file a complaint can obtain the complaint form by contacting management. The complaint form must be submitted by law as follows: It has to be addressed to the Association’s president and mailed, sent via messenger or handed to management, or emailed to

PETS: On a positive note, the number of unreported incidents involving dogs relieving themselves in the atrium, elevators and hallways has dropped DOWN TO ALMOST ZERO in the last two months and, more importantly, the few incidents are now systematically reported by their pets’ handlers at the time they occur.

DOG RUNS: In 2018 the Board hired Jacobs Ryan Associates, an urban design and landscape architect, to modernize all the current outdoor lighting, furniture, signs and accessories (urban design), as well as the overall landscaping. Phases One and Two of the project will be implemented in 2019 and 2020; these phases will primarily address the atrium, the corner of Sheridan and Glenlake, the parkways on both streets, and the dog runs. The dog runs are the subject of discussions related to their location; the Board wishes to hear from you about the options proposed by the landscape architect. To that effect, two boards will be displayed in the Lobby later in February showing both options that are currently being discussed for locations and access. A survey will accompany the boards enabling residents to express their preferences, comments and ideas.

RENOVATION MASTER PLAN FOR COMMON AREAS: WEA Design is preparing the drawings to document the existing conditions of the east portion of the floor, and the Lobby and its auxiliary service rooms. These drawings will be followed by the submittal of the first preliminary proposal for the renovation of these areas.

BEAUTY SALON: Directors of the Board are well aware that residents are hoping that another operator will be found to run a beauty salon business in the commercial mall. The Association’s real estate broker has been promoting the space and contacting organizations and prospective tenants since early January. Unfortunately, there is no solid prospect thus far. The Board is willing to discuss terms with an existing beauty salon business, or a manager (specific chair times), or a startup business interested in the location and its potential. Please share with management any ideas you may have about a possible operator or individual who might be interested in seeing the space and discussing the leasing terms.

FACADE AND BALCONY PROJECT: The remaining work on the D and north B tiers will be completed in 2019, as soon as the weather permits the application of the membrane on the uncoated balconies. The additional work program for 2019 consists of Phase III, which includes the repair work on the brick panels of the south façade, and the façade and balcony repair work on the east facade of the A and B tiers. Phase III will be initiated as soon as the weather permits the stripping of the old balcony membrane on the A and B east balconies, which may occur in February or March. We will disseminate the schedule ahead of time as soon as it is confirmed by RBS, our contractor for the project.

KGH, our project consultant, is preparing a study to remediate the defects and water leaks of the west façade of the tower. We expect the study to be submitted for discussion by spring. The remediation options proposed by KGH will be assessed by the Architecture & Aesthetics Committee and the Board. The selected remediation option is likely to be implemented in 2020 as part of Phase IV of the façade and balcony project.

Should you experience increased or previously undisclosed water leaks seeping into your unit (look for signs of damage around electrical outlets, or on ceilings or at the floor junctions with the exterior walls) during or after windy rains, please take a few pictures of the leaks and damage and email them to the property manager at The information will be forwarded to architects KGH in an effort to assist them in their assessment of the existing conditions and the work to be performed.

GREEN COMMITTEE: The Green Committee was recently created. The members of this committee will focus on the recycling education and other environmental themes, such as renewable energy (solar panels, wind turbines and the like), energy savings, composting, etc. Please contact management should you want to be added to the membership of this committee.

STACK EFFECT: The carbon monoxide project installed in the garage is about to be completed. Once in operation, the computerized sensors disseminated in the garage will read the level of the carbon monoxide in the air and activate the fans and motorized louvers as needed. You will notice that the garage will be slightly warmer during the cold season even though the garage is not heated. This is a positive outcome of the computerized control system, not to mention the stack effect remediation and the saving on electricity resulting from the intermittent operation of the fresh air intake and exhaust fans, as opposed to the year-around and 24/7 operation we have experienced thus far.

Further, management is currently working on some additional stack effect remediation work consisting of the addition of an air lock in the lower level, by the Receiving Room. This air lock is designed to maximize control of the cold air transferred into the building during moves and deliveries taking place during the cold season. The construction of an air lock will likely be followed by the installation of roll-up doors enclosing the loading dock area to further increase control of the cold air transfer into the building. It is predictable that moves and deliveries may be slowed down given the new air lock and loading dock doors. This is a compromise needed to decrease the stack effect in the building, which has countless negative impacts on the operation of the elevators and doors and causes significant heat loss on the lower level and first floor.

SATELLITE TV INCREASE: Please note that USA Wireless has increased the rate of the basic cable TV programming to $27.94 per month, effective Feb. 1. The 5% ($1.33 monthly) increase per unit is the maximum that is allowed under the current bulk contract.

CONVENIENCE STORE: Please note that the operator has opened its store as a “soft opening.” The grand opening will follow once the liquor and cigarette licenses are issued and delivered.