Management Report: June 2022

Posted on Wed, 06/01/2022 - 12:00pm

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours START OF POOL SEASON: Any person using the pools, which opened May 28, does so at his or her own free will and risk, and children at the free will and risk of their respective parents or supervisory adults. Note that parents, guardians or any other supervisory adults shall stay with the children at all times when within the pool enclosure or the fourth-floor deck.

Please read below the pool Rules adopted by the Board:

  • Pool enclosure opening schedule: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
  • Use of pools is subject to the resident signing the Mandatory Recreational Waiver (Exhibit M) provided by management.
  • Children twelve (12) and under must be supervised by an adult.
  • Unless otherwise decided by the Board of Directors, residents are allowed five (5) guests per unit and are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests include off-site owners, relatives, friends, nanny, caregiver, etc.
  • Showers are encouraged before entering a pool.
  • All swimmers using the pools must wear proper swimming attire. Persons in cut-off jeans are not permitted in the pools.
  • Only one (1) chair per resident or guest is permitted, and chairs cannot be reserved. Each chair must be covered with a towel, to be furnished by the resident or guest. Residents accompanied by more than two (2) guests must bring additional chairs to ensure enough are available for residents.
  • Food and beverages are permitted in the pool enclosure area; however, residents and guests must clean up after themselves and properly dispose of any and all waste.
  • Glass containers are not allowed within the pool enclosure or anywhere on the fourth-floor deck.
  • Radios, unless equipped with earplugs, are not permitted in the pool enclosure area, except at MECA-sponsored events.
  • Running and non-water games (e.g., ball throwing, Frisbee throwing) are not permitted in the pool enclosure area.
  • Unattached flotation devices are allowed only when used in conjunction with attached devices such as water wings, life jackets, etc. Floating mats or chairs are forbidden. Water aerobics workout materials are allowed in a pool only during Board-approved water aerobics classes.
  • Children who are not potty-trained are not allowed in any pool. The changing of diapers is not permitted within the pool enclosure.
  • Private pool parties or the extension of a party in a community room to the pool is not allowed.
  • Residents and unit owners are responsible for the conduct of themselves, their children and guests.
  • Barbecuing or any preparation of food is not permitted on the fourth-floor area unless it is done in conjunction with a MECA-sponsored party, or otherwise approved by MECA.
  • Residents and their guests who are dressed in only swimming attire must use the service elevator unless it is out of service or reserved.
  • MECA is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.
  • Smoking, e-cigarettes and vaping are prohibited within the pool enclosure area.

And last, building employees doing a routine check on the activities in the pools and on the fourth-floor deck have the authority to act on issues with respect to the safety and welfare of users, or Rules violations.

DOG LOVERS: The old dog runs will be repurposed as discussed at the Board meeting on May 24. Directors have mandated a committee that will focus on creating a safe and fun space for Malibu East’s pups to play and socialize, along with their owners. The committee will discuss the repurposing of the old dog runs, any recommendations to the Board of toys to be purchased for the dog runs, and more.

Dog owner or not, you are all welcome to email management to indicate your willingness to be a member of the new Dog Committee, regardless of whether you own or rent a unit at Malibu East.

DOG FINE: Please be aware that the Board of Directors has instructed management to apply pet fines to include pet violations in the new or old dog runs located on Glenlake. Dog handlers who do not pick up the poop after their pets, or do not report soft or liquified poop that would need to be washed off by a staff member, will be in violation of the Rules and subject to a fine of $200 per incident. In other words, any and all outdoor and indoor common areas are now governed by the same pet incident Rules; there is no more leniency for the dog runs to excuse dog handlers who neglect to pick up after their pets. Occupants of a unit other than the unit owners violating the pet Rules will cause the pet fine to be billed to the account of the unit owner. Please also remember that a pet should never be allowed to either urinate or defecate in any part or against any component of the outdoor amenities/features, including atrium pavers, planters, columns, ramps, stairs or terraces on Sheridan Road, etc.

WATER SENSOR: Water in any of its forms, whether as a liquid, gas or solid, is the worst enemy of construction, regardless if it is concrete, bricks, steel, aluminum, wood, composites, polymers, glass, etc. A water leak in a unit has been found to be the result of several sources: infiltration from the exterior wall, a leak from a sliding door, rusted plumbing pipe or faucets, defective water heater and clogged condensate line to which your furnace is connected. Effective and versatile water sensors with a long longevity battery can be bought and placed in many locations to protect you, e.g., on the floor by the furnace, at the foot of a sliding door, by the water heater pan, under the sinks, etc. As the components of a unit age and deteriorate, the risk of water leaks and consequently water damage increases with time. Owning a unit in a multifamily building increases the risk of water damage to other units and common areas, which can be costly in some instances. We advise our owners and occupants of units to purchase and place several of these devices in their unit to signal water leaks.


  1. If any email asks for proprietary information, such as personal information or financial information, verify that the sender’s email address is correct and legitimate.
  2. DO NOT OPEN any attachments from contacts you don’t know or aren’t expecting to receive attachments from.
  3. Legitimate vendors, financial institutions and other legitimate entities never ask you to validate your password from a link within an email.
  4. If you are ever unsure of the provenance of an email, call the sender to verify its authenticity before replying or forwarding. Do not use phone numbers provided within the email that are doubtful. Do a search on the web or use your own contact list.
  5. Do NOT forward questionable emails.
  6. Do not send passwords and the like by email.


  1. Pools: Ready for usage starting on Saturday, May 28.
  2. Tennis court: Surface has been thoroughly cleaned by RB Eco.
  3. Carpet cleaning: Floors 45 to 41 have been completed. Ten other floors have been prioritized. We expect one floor to be done daily in the coming weeks until all floors have been completed.
  4. Old dog runs: As discussed by the Board of Directors, the fence will be repaired, the existing gravel will be treated with enzymes, new gravel will be added and accessories such as poop bags and garbage cans will be added for the convenience of our dog owners.
  5. Cable TV and internet: Please expect a small increase in the monthly fee of your cable TV and internet charges, effective July 1. There might be a small retroactive fee for the applicable increase in June. Please also remember that there is no longer an opt-out option for the internet charge, regardless of whether you have no computer or you have internet service delivered to your unit by another provider. The Board of Directors has eliminated the opt-out credit.

GARAGE CONCRETE REPAIRS: The overhead concrete work being performed by Bulley & Andrews in the garage is currently taking place in Stage #2 (yellow section on the schematic), which is the area of the garage located over the convenience store, the dental office and JDT’s offices in the Plaza. Stage #3 in blue and Stage #4 in green will follow by the end of summer.

In general, demolition and other noisy construction work takes place between 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The revised sketch is also posted by the Management Office door. The Board and management thank you for your patience and understanding.

MY SUDLER Sudler has modernized its online payment portal. MySudler is its new live payment portal system, which is faster and more intuitive and can be accessed through

For those of you who are registered on, simply use the same login name and password to enter MySudler. If you do not have an existing account, please create one using the new portal. You can use the portal to access your records, including viewing current charges and balances, paying your bill online and signing up for the SNAPP automatic payment program.