Management Report: May 2020

Posted on Fri, 05/01/2020 - 12:00pm

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office HoursCORONAVIRUS: At the time I am writing this article, Thursday, 4/30/2020, Malibu East Condominium does not have another known COVID-19 case.

COOKING SMOKE ON 4/30/2020: At about 4 p.m., a small cooking fire happened in a unit located on an upper floor. The smoke transferred into the hallway after the resident proceeded to open the kitchen door to vent the unit. The Fire Department arrived on site shortly after being contacted. The cooking fumes were successfully contained and snuffed.

The best and safest actions for any resident living on a floor where a fire is ignited or cooking smoke/fumes result from overcooked food in another unit are to remain inside their units; contact 911 and management; and refrain from opening any sliding doors & hallway doors.

The safest actions for any residents living in a unit where a fire is ignited or cooking smoke/fumes result from overcooked food are to attempt to extinguish the source if possible; contact 911 and management; refrain from opening any sliding doors & hallway doors; and leave the unit if necessary while making sure that the hallway door used to exit is closed and latched tight.

The elevator control operated well in the above fire by sending all the elevators in locked mode to the first floor. The Fire Department has access to the keys to unlock and use any elevators as they see fit.

CORONAVIRUS BOARD MEASURES: Please find below the list of measures adopted by the Board. These measures have been prepared keeping in mind your safety and the safety of the other residents, vendors, visitors, and staff members. The Board and Management expect that these measures will be remembered, agreed upon, and valued by everyone.

Effective during the coronavirus pandemic, with some having started as soon as 2/27/2020, the following measures have been authorized by the Board and implemented by Management:

  1. Receiving Room clerks and Management Office personnel operate behind locked doors until further decision by the Board;
  2. Building staff attend to urgent work orders only;
  3. Recreational rooms and 4th floor deck are locked and unavailable to residents;
  4. Deliveries to units (food, medication, and the like) transiting via the Lobby are delivered in the Lobby and residents are contacted to pick them up;
  5. Unit renovation: owners are authorized to complete the projects that were already approved by Management; new projects submitted by unit owners will be approved if urgent or if necessary; and projects submitted by buyers will be approved if necessary to move into their units;
  6. Service elevator: reservation of the service elevator is restricted to moves in or out, and essential deliveries and essential vendors;
  7. Parking: encourage valet parkers to register as self-parkers if available;
  8. Dialogue door drop: Dialogue is made available via Malibu East’s website,;
  9. Vacant space (former beauty salon) and Ping Pong Room reservation: these amenities, remote from the construction noise, are offered to the residents at no charge subject to prior reservation;
  10. Effective 4/8/2020, Belfor proceeds with weekly sanitation of the Laundry Room, cart room, mail room, garage reception, and staff lockers room; and will be requested to sanitize the Laundry Room, cart room, mail room, and garage reception upon known COVID-19 case in the building.
  11. Effective 4/29/2020, the Board requests residents to wear facial protection (mask, shield, etc.) when outside of their units; it includes the Lobby, elevators, Laundry Room, garage, cart room, mail room, hallways, and other common areas.
  12. Effective 4/29/2020, the Board requests nonresidents (caregivers, vendors, contractors, guests, etc.) to wear facial protection (mask, shield, etc.) when in any common areas of the building; it includes the Lobby, elevators, Laundry Room, garage, cart room, mail room, hallways, and other common areas.

Further, please continue to observe the following precautions through the expiration of the Stay-At-Home order:

  1. Six-foot social distancing anywhere outside your unit; leave any area where you notice people disregarding the rule.
  2. Elevator occupancy limit to a maximum of two persons in the passenger elevators, and three in the service elevator. Get off the elevator if you notice users disregarding the rule.
  3. Stay home: leave your unit for essential needs or to perform essential work as defined by the governor’s Stay-At-Home order. It is advisable to take the following precautions upon return to your unit:
    • Shoes and boots: take them off by your door, carry them inside, place them in the sink or bathtub, and sanitize them.
    • Car and home keys, including fobs: sanitize them.
    • Purse, bags, briefcases, suitcases, carts, etc.: sanitize them.
    • Cell phone, tablets, laptops and other portable accessories: sanitize them.
    • Clothing, eyewear and other personal items as you see fit: sanitize or wash or wipe them with appropriate materials.
    • Wash your hands once the sanitation is completed (washing hands for 20 seconds allows the suds to break down the fat bubble that protects and surrounds the molecules of the virus).
  4. If you purchase or order food and other essential household products, it is advisable to take the following precautions upon delivery or return to your unit:
    • Household products: using sanitizing solution, disinfect containers, wrappings, boxes, jars, etc.
    • Human and pet food: using food-grade sanitizing solution, disinfect all bagged and wrapped products, containers, bottles, cans, boxes, jars, tubs, etc.
    • Produce in bulk: sanitize as you see fit.
    • Wash your hands once the sanitation is completed.
  5. Newspapers: sanitize the bags, and protect yourself while reading them.
  6. Contractors, delivery crews, caregivers, guests, etc., entering your unit:
    • Considering that you have no information if they are asymptomatic or if they carry any contaminants on their clothes and hands, require that they wear sanitized or new protective gear such as facial mask, gloves, booties, and anything else that you think is needed to keep you safe.
    • Require them to sanitize anything they touch in your unit, before leaving your unit.

LAUNDRY ROOM: In order to facilitate the work to be performed by Family Pride, which owns the Laundry Room machines, a decision was made to establish a closing schedule for Family Pride’s technicians to be alone in the room to perform the machine checks and maintenance.

Starting Friday, 5/1/2020, the Laundry Room will be closed for Family Pride, every week, as follows:
7 a.m. to 8 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
This procedure will be permanent regardless of the social distancing requirement.

The building staff will make sure that the room is available to Family Pride’s technician, empty, at 7 a.m. on those days. A gate will be put in place and locked for the technician.

Please also remember that Belfor sanitizes the Laundry Room from 6-7 a.m. every Monday, until the coronavirus crisis is resolved.

Please account for the closing schedule of the Laundry Room described above before you start your laundry. Residents will be asked to leave the room to accommodate the maintenance and sanitation of the room regardless of the completion of the washing or drying cycles.

Further, we have received multiple complaints about residents and housekeepers using the Laundry Room and failing to follow the basic precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the laundry industry, and Management’s advice:

  1. Maintain a six-foot distance from everyone: leave the room (and for that matter, any other common areas) if you cannot maintain the six-foot social distancing around you in the room.
  2. Clean and disinfect common surfaces: sanitize, before and after, any surfaces you need to touch, on your way to and back from the Laundry Room, and in the Laundry Room.
  3. Minimize your laundry and your trips to the Laundry Room to the essentials. Combine necessary laundry trips with other activities such as picking up your mail or packages, etc.
  4. Do not shake dirty laundry, in an effort to minimize the possibility of dispersing dirt and/or virus molecules through the air in the Laundry Room.
  5. Laundry that may have or has been in contact with a COVID-19 infected person, according to the CDC, can be washed together with other people’s items; the advice is to thoroughly wash and dry the items with the hottest settings. Read the labels on your garments for guidance.
  6. Use the right amount of soap/detergent, enough but not too much: wash items according to the instructions printed on boxes and containers. Suds breaks down the bubbles of fat wrapped around the molecules of the virus, causing the molecules to disintegrate; the right amount of soap is recommended as it is likely to be properly rinsed from the items. Too much soap, thus suds, may clog the machines and/or enable dirt and grime to remain trapped inside the fabrics.
  7. The hotter the washing water and the hotter the drying air the better:launder items using the warmest appropriate water and air settings for the items, and dry items completely. Read the labels on your items for guidance. Viruses hate heat; washing and drying clothes with high heat may further prevent the spread of the disease.
  8. Fold clothes in your unit: shorten your time in the Laundry Room and minimize touching surfaces around you by taking dried items to your unit as opposed to using the folding tables inside the Laundry Room. Place a fresh bag liner in your cart, by the dryers, in order to place your garments in it.
  9. Clean and disinfect, as often as possible, clothes, protective gear, boots, baskets, carts, and hampers, etc., before heading to the Laundry Room and before reentering your unit.

CONVENIENCE STORE: Despite the coronavirus, the operators of the Malibu Market keep its door open, and continue to carry daily fresh dishes, fresh meat and produce, breakfasts, espresso coffee, wines, beers and liquors in addition to basic body care products. Importantly, they can deliver to your door for a small fee (call 773-347-9797).

The store is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. all days but Sunday; and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sundays.

FACADE AND BALCONY PROJECT: The work is progressing in compliance with the original schedule of Phase 4. Visual summaries prepared by KGH are regularly email-blasted to our residents. The Board has offered to residents to reserve at no charge two quiet rooms in the lower level of the building during the heavy concrete demolition work; one is equipped with Wi-Fi. One reservation has been made to date since the offer was launched in April.

URBAN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPING: The Board of Directors hired Helios Construction to perform the execution of the project over a two-year period. The permit application is in progress at the building department of the City of Chicago. Please find below the listing of the changes to the original program:

  • The front of the main entrance of the building that includes the revolving doors, adjacent side doors and transom will be replaced in 2020 along with the replacement of the atrium sidewalk.
  • The air locks to be added at the top of the entrance ramp and between the service elevator lobby and mail room will be installed in 2021, unless otherwise decided by the Board.
  • The parkway fencing will be installed in 2021, unless otherwise decided by the Board.
  • The option of installing AstroTurf in the parkways in replacement of the natural turf has been declined several times by the Board; this option is significantly more expensive due to the cost of the AstroTurf, and the cost of the additional infrastructure needed to maintain the permeability of the surface needed to percolate the rainwater and minimize water runoff into the saturated sewage network.
  • The upright lamp posts will be installed in 2021, unless otherwise decided by the Board.
  • The new dog run will be relocated and completed in 2020.
  • Weather and city permit permitting, Helios Construction will start the construction work of Phase One by mid-June.