Management Report: June 2019

Posted on Sat, 06/01/2019 - 12:00pm

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours

GARAGE PROJECT: As indicated in the May article, the Board of Directors approved several projects as part of an umbrella contract with Bulley & Andrews Concrete Restoration (BACR). BACR obtained the permit to perform the work listed for the garage. This work encompassed the structural reinforcement of four columns along with the replacement of the control joints and membrane work in specific locations. The control joint and membrane work requires that sections of the garage must be entirely vacated until the work in that section is completed by BACR. It is imperative that self-parkers follow the directions of the garage manager as to vacating their stalls in a timely manner, as planned by BACR. Self-parkers who are deprived of their stalls will be treated as valet parkers. As a result, the self-parking fee will be reduced to the valet parking rate for the period of time needed by BACR to complete the work in that section. The garage manager will email a notice to residents who are required to vacate their stalls, and place a hard copy of that notice on the applicable vehicles. We thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation.

FACADE AND BALCONY PROJECT: The façade and balcony work is in progress although it has continued to be slowed down since April due to the unexpected high-velocity winds and frequent rains. Please refer to the email dated May 24 that contains architect KGH’s visual summary of the work in progress. Contractor RBS is finalizing paint and membrane touch-ups on the D and north B tiers; windows notices will be removed by RBS when the final paint work is completed on individual balconies.

2019 water infiltration survey: We received water leak reports from some of you. It is not too late to complete and return the survey sheet for your unit if you have not yet reported water damage that is visible by the exterior walls in your unit. This survey was distributed to the residents of the two- and three-bedroom units facing south (A, C, E, G and J tiers).

WEST FACADE AND CLADDING STUDY: The Architecture & Aesthetics Committee reviewed the study prepared by KGH and made its recommendations to the Board of Directors to proceed with option #1, an approach that includes the following: Demolish and dispose of the existing cinder blocks constituting the upper part of the west facade of the tower and install and paint new standardized cinder blocks in replacement of the removed cinder blocks. This option does not include any work to the sheer concrete portion of the lower half of the west facade. The re-cladding using standardized cinder blocks is the least expensive solution, but it is a safe upgrade to provide the needed rain screen to the upper part of the facade. This approach will not result in significant visual and material changes to the west façade.

At its May meeting, the Board of Directors opted to pursue the option recommended by the committee. In order to maximize the aesthetic of the modern architecture of the building, the Board of Directors is planning to seek the input of an architect who specializes in building design and construction.

MOVES, DELIVERIES AND CONSTRUCTION WORK: We entered into the very busy season vibrant with increased construction in the building and remodeling work in units, residents’ moves and deliveries. Several callers were disappointed by the numerous bookings of the service elevator, which prevented them from reserving the service elevator when they wished. We advise you to contact management as soon as you have a date in mind and request to be tentatively marked on the service elevator calendar. This may save you aggravation.

COMCAST: The Board of Directors has executed the contract for the basic TV programming (cable) and internet services with Comcast. However, both current providers, USA Wireless (TV programming) and HiPoint (internet), will continue to maintain their respective services until the Comcast services are operational. As of now, it is confirmed that the current providers will continue to deliver their services through July 2019. The current providers’ services may perhaps be extended beyond this date; we will update our residents as soon as the information is available, via emails and posting.

On another note, please be aware that Comcast will NEED ACCESS TO EVERY UNIT in order to complete the activation and monitoring of its equipment. Request to access your unit will be communicated via emails and door drop, per tier or per floor, as decided by Comcast. Comcast is currently preparing the logistics of its installation; additional information will be disseminated as soon as it’s made available by Comcast. Should you plan to be unavailable and/or absent from your unit for a certain period of time this summer, please contact management ahead of time to make arrangements to allow Comcast technicians to enter your unit.

As far as the programming and characteristics of Comcast’s services, several presentations for residents will be organized by Comcast and management.

BEZZ TRAINING: It is official: Bezz Training has relocated its activities to the space of the business center previously known as the bank space. This space is double the size of the space previously occupied by Bezz Training. The new space has been renovated, organized and equipped for personal training and as a boutique gym as offered by Bezz Training Inc.

URBAN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPING: The Board of Directors has made the decision to postpone Phase One of this project, which was previously planned to be executed this year. This was done in consideration of multiple undue delays that contractors are experiencing this year due to persistent inclement weather. Bidding the project at this time would likely have resulted in a higher price point and an unrealistic timetable to complete Phase One this year. As a result, the Board of Directors is planning to hire the contractor in the fall and proceed with the completion of Phases One and Two together in the spring of 2020. Note that the work in 2020 will likely include the dog run relocation by the Bicycle Room.

ATRIUM CEILING: In order to decrease the inevitable disruptions of the garage operation in 2020, during which the pavement and curbs of the atrium will be entirely redone, the Board is planning to execute this year the painting of the coffer ceiling of the atrium. The ceiling painting job alone will cause inevitable disruptions of the atrium activities, primarily entering and exiting the garage, as sections of the atrium will be blocked, one after the other, to facilitate the paint job. Garage staff will assist in directing the traffic in and out of the garage during the work.