Management Report: March 2020

Posted on Sun, 03/01/2020 - 11:00am

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office HoursCONVENIENCE STORE: The operators of Malibu Market continue to serve daily fresh dishes cooked from scratch, breakfast, espresso coffee, and to offer a diversified selection of wines and beers, and even basic-care products. They can deliver to your door for a small fee (call 773-347-9797). They organize wine tastings on Fridays, from 5 to 7 p.m. and often combine food tastings at the same time. They are usually open at 7 a.m. Do not hesitate to contact them to suggest any additional products of your preference or to place an order. I personally find Malibu East fortunate to have an operator who cooks a wide range of dishes from scratch with unique flavors. The diversity of products, beers and wine found in the store is also impressive.

CABLE TV AND INTERNET: A minority of units still do not have the internet and cable TV services despite all the efforts made by Comcast. Options are being explored to remedy any problems. Management will notify the affected residents once a course of action is chosen.

Internet and cable TV issues: If any of you still is experiencing a billing or installation issue with Comcast other than the issue described above, or a billing issue with DirecTV, please email us with a description of the problem along with any available documents in order to give us the tools needed to get these issues resolved.

GARAGE REPAIR PROJECT: The garage repair work has been completed. Management and the Board are thankful for the patience of our residents and their observance of the traffic light rules that were implemented to alleviate the temporary condemnation of floor ramps. We have noticed that since the completion of the garage project, residents are more inclined to blow their vehicle’s horn at the ramps and also appear to be more respectful of the speed limit.

The additional construction work that may take place in the coming years in the garage may pertain to plumbing, HVAC or electrical work. However, the under surfaces of the concrete slabs of the garage are in need of repair work; the work may be performed in the coming years, with the timetable being undetermined at this time. Note that all the concrete repair work completed by BACR in 2019 and 2020 was performed on top of the concrete slabs, although the work was done full depth in some small areas.

The Board of Directors and management are currently assessing several ride-on garage sweepers in an effort to purchase a machine that will improve the efficiency and timetable of the cleaning process of the garage. The sweeper will be used to remove and vacuum soot, dust, debris and grit, after which the janitorial crew will power-wash the floors, walls, curbs and concrete bumpers. Having a powerful sweeper will help the staff to proceed with garage cleaning more efficiently, and therefore more frequently. Note that each cleaning necessitates the cooperation of the self-parkers, who must either move their vehicles as indicated by the garage manager, or leave their keys with the garage manager to enable their vehicles to be moved by the garage staff. Any self-parked vehicles that are not relocated as requested result in a loss of time and incomplete cleaning. The cleaning of the garage is done in phases, one-half of a floor at a time; the cleaning is usually spread over four to five days.

FACADE AND BALCONY PROJECT: RBS staged its scaffolds on the south side of the building on Feb. 24. RBS, our contractor, and KGH Architects will investigate the condition of the concrete walls and balconies to determine the areas of concrete to be repaired. The condensers located on the south balconies (except for the L tier) will be all disconnected in the early stage of Phase Four. An email blast will be sent to our residents and door-dropped as soon as the disconnection dates are confirmed by RBS. The initial work of Phase Four will consist of repairing and coating the areas under each condenser, reconnecting the condensers, and then focusing on the main areas of the balconies. Concrete work on the walls of the south tiers will follow. The goal is to have all condensers of the south tiers reconnected before the warm weather arrives.

Those of our residents who will need help to remove their belongings from the balconies should contact management as soon as possible. The Board offers all that assistance at no cost.

However, please be reminded that any residents who do not vacate their balconies as requested by RBS, or give access to their units as requested by Call Joe, may be billed the additional construction and administrative costs resulting from their failure to respond in a timely manner to the requests of contractors, consultants and management.

URBAN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPING: The Board of Directors interviewed the two best bidders who had submitted a proposal based on the drawings and specifications prepared by Bernard Jacobs Landscape Architect. The Board will discuss this project at its February meeting. The project as presented to the bidders is separated into two phases. Phase One is planned to be completed in 2020 and consists of the renovation of the corner of Glenlake and Sheridan, the Sheridan and Glenlake parkways, and the relocation of the dog run. Phase Two of the project is planned to be completed in 2021 and consists of the comprehensive renovation of the atrium, including the lighting, pavers, 15-minute parking area, bike apron, etc. Both contractors have suggested to perform the two phases together in 2020; they offered a credit equivalent to the savings in staging and economy of scale for the labor force.

FITNESS ROOM: Residents using the Fitness Room should please be courteous to your neighbors who are sweating and concentrating on improving their health by turning off your cell phone and refraining from having a phone conversation or using any device that produces noise or music as it will distract the other occupants of the room.