Management Report: January 2021

Posted on Fri, 01/01/2021 - 11:00am

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office HoursCORONAVIRUS: At the time I am writing this article, Malibu East Condominium has not been notified by any residents of any COVID-19 cases since November.

The Board of Directors has not modified the safety protocol related to the number of passengers in the elevators, the workout rooms, etc. However, a decision was made to stop Belfor’s fumigation/sanitation of the Laundry Room, mailroom, cart room and employees’ rooms. Sanitation work will be done along with the regular janitorial work using regular supplies. Please remain vigilant about your personal protection, considering that it appears that the coronavirus infects people primarily via infected cells projected in the air (aerosol) while breathing, talking, yelling, singing, whistling, smoking, etc.

BALCONIES: The Board has discussed a protocol with respect to the usage and maintenance of the balconies. The protocol will complement the current balcony rules: It will describe in more detail the activities that are approved and activities to be prevented; the type of floor coverings that would be acceptable; the activities to avoid on a balcony; precautions to take with outdoor furniture and accessories; cleaning and snow shoveling precautions; and so forth. The balcony policy will be submitted to the attention of all owners and residents once approved by the Board.

URBAN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPING: The railing of the ramp giving access to the lobby was installed on Monday, 12/21/2020. The application of the clear coating on the new sidewalk will be performed in the spring of 2021 given that the night temperature is too cold for proper curing. The coating work will entail the blockage of the atrium sidewalk during the pressure washing, application and curing time. We anticipate a timetable of about five days, weather permitting. Phase 2 of the landscaping project will start in early spring 2021; it entails substantial work in the atrium consisting of the replacement of the curbs and pavers, and the installation of new bike racks and overhead lighting.

DOGS: The Board of Directors has adopted a Dog Policy complementary to the current dog Rules and Regulations and the Declaration. In summary, this policy will include and reinforce the following:

  1. All dog owners will have to re-register their dogs regardless if they completed the 2020 registration sheet;
  2. Incomplete 2021 registration will be rejected; for example, missing current picture, or current vaccination sheet, or confirmation that the loved one is covered by the pet owner’s insurance, etc., will cause the incomplete application to be returned to the sender;
  3. Dog owner must contact their insurance broker to assure that their loved one is covered under their liability insurance for dog attack coverage which shall not exclude their specific breed, no breed, or weight restriction; such insurance coverage confirmation is required on the 2021 application sheet; this provision applies to all occupants regardless if they are renters, relatives, friends, etc. living in the units;
  4. Pets should be kept on a short leash close to the owner/walker when in any elevator and indoor common elements;
  5. Dogs that have shown aggression (multiple reports by two or more residents) should be muzzled when in common areas. The Board may take actions up to and including fines if the notice to muzzle is ignored;
  6. The Board reserves the right to expel from the building any dog(s) that shows either repeated or extreme aggressive behavior that threatens the safety of other residents, visitors, staff, or pets;
  7. The 2021 Dog Registration will be disseminated in December and January. Fob access to the new dog runs will be granted to dog owners that have submitted a complete 2021 registration form by February 1, 2021.

2020 HOLIDAY FUND: The garage and building staff are very aware that many of our residents were badly hurt by this pandemic year due to loss of job, the passing of a loved one without visiting opportunities, exposure to infection risks as a first-line worker, missed opportunities resulting from the pandemic, and a deeply atrophied social life. All of us employees were anticipating less holiday fund contributions this year, understandably, because of the multiple burdens that depleted countless of our constituents in 2020. However, to our astonishment, contributors extended their generosity with larger contributions. The staff members were deeply moved – I repeat, moved – by the generous 2020 holiday fund, which translated to a clear and loud “thank you” to the staff for its efforts in sanitation work; assistance to those residents battling illness; increased deliveries and construction activities, sales, refinancing requests and moves; uninterrupted staging of valet vehicles, etc. On behalf of the staff, we are extending to ALL OUR CONSTITUENTS our most sincere appreciation for your recognition, whether financial or otherwise.