Management Report: June 2018

Posted on Fri, 06/01/2018 - 12:00pm

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours POOL SEASON: The pool season opened May 26. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week. Pool tags are required in order to be admitted into the pool enclosure. Per the 2018 budget, the replacement cost for a lost or damaged tag is $20 each; tags are available in the Management Office during business hours. Be reminded that the office is closed during weekends and holidays, and open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and until 7 p.m. on Tuesdays. Each resident registered in the Management Office is entitled to one tag, and two guest tags are allowed for each unit. Parties taking place in the Windjammer Room or on the fourth-floor sundeck cannot be extended into the pool enclosure.

INSTALLATION OF CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTION SYSTEM: The current ventilation system of the garage is inefficient, causing energy loss, disrupting air movement in the building and exacerbating the stack effect during the cold season. Sunnyside Engineering submitted a report to the Board in which it documented problems and potential solutions. A carbon monoxide detection system in the garage has been prioritized as the first step. The carbon monoxide detection system consists of operational garage louvers, electrical and mechanical equipment, and electronic devices designed to control the volume of fresh air intake and air exhaust in relation to the number of particles of carbon monoxide present in the garage at any given time. It is a sophisticated system common and adapted to indoor garages. The Board hired W.J. O’Neil HVAC to install the system, and the work will be initiated in the garage in June.

WJR AND CONSTRUCTION NOISE: In consideration of the noise resulting from the façade and balcony construction work, and until further notice, the Windjammer Room on the fourth floor is available to all residents, their children (accompanied by adults), visitors, and pets during weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., in an effort to alleviate the burden caused by the construction work. The availability of the WJR is subject to the reservation of the room by a resident, in which case the room will be restricted to the resident and his/her guests. Please note that Wi-Fi is available in the room: the password is posted.

GARAGE WEST WALL REINFORCEMENT: Following the recent discovery related to the west wall of the garage, the Board proceeded to seek the assessment and opinion of two consultants about the condition of the existing four-inch cinder block walls (CMU, or concrete masonry unit, consisting of a rectangular block used in building construction) and potential remedies. Both consultants similarly documented the condition of the existing CMU walls: The walls have been damaged over the years, are partially out of plumb, the four-inch CMUs do not have the structural capacity to resist the wind load factor according to city code), and the existing CMUs will not provide the proper attachment for the new brick cladding. Consequently, both consultants submitted possible remedies to structurally reinforce the garage west wall.

After examining the remediation options and their respective cost, the Board decided to replace the existing four-inch CMUs (west and southwest) with new eight-inch CMUs. The new walls will meet the wind factor in compliance with city code, provide the additional structural protection against impact load resulting from a vehicle hitting one of these walls, and will assure the proper attachment of the new brick cladding. Replacing the existing CMUs has the advantage of substantial savings resulting from the elimination of steel lintels and tuckpointing work that are no longer needed for the new CMU walls.

TAX VALUATION APPEAL: The Board hired Worsek & Vihon in 2017 to proceed on behalf of all Malibu East owners with an appeal of the reassessed tax valuation of all residential units and the commercial mall located on the lower level. The Board is aware of the substantial property valuation increase imposed by Cook County in its triennial reassessment. Worsek & Vihon is working hard to appeal this increase for our owners. The results will not be known until the end of summer.

Damage to Common Elements: Take note that the following provisions will eventually be added to the Malibu East Rules and Regulations, the 22.1 disclosure statement used by sellers, and the sales packet used for unit sales.

1. In general: Unit owners are responsible to i) maintain, repair and/or replace their personal property in order to prevent damage to the common elements; ii) maintain in good condition the indoor and outdoor common elements for which they have been granted exclusive use; iii) pay the costs of the repair or replacement needed to restore the common elements for which they have exclusive use whenever the need for repair or replacement is due to the fault or negligence of the unit owner; iv) and avoid causing damage to the common elements in general, whether they are located inside or outside of the unit.

2. Façades and balconies: The Board of Directors has discussed and decided that as soon as each phase of the 2017-2020 façade and balcony project is completed, any subsequent damage caused to any façade or balcony common element owned by the Association, due to defective or missing personal property owned by unit owners, will be repaired by the Association and the costs billed to the responsible unit owner. The common elements include walls, balconies, railings and any other façade and balcony components owned by the Association that are damaged by accident and/or negligence and/or defective personal property (for example, obstructed/covered/dirty weep holes located at the bottom of the windows, balcony floor covers, large planters, condensing units, screws and fasteners into the concrete, etc.). The cost of the repairs may include consultation fees the costs of labor, materials, permits, supplies, equipment, scaffolding/crane, freight/shipment/handling/disposal, taxes, disposal of hazardous materials and rubble/debris, administration, insurance, overhead, profit and mark-up; and any expenses necessary to investigate, assess, execute and supervise the work.

3. Other common elements: Further, the same provision applies to any damage inflicted to indoor and/or outdoor common elements and equipment for which a unit owner/seller is found accountable. A few examples: leaking toilet or shower base, causing the deterioration of the concrete slab around the leaking fixture; damaged hallway kitchen and main entry doors; damaged hallway and elevator finishes; broken recreational equipment and furniture; plumbing pipes that have been jarred or dislodged; etc.

4. Note that unit owners are responsible for their family members, occupants, guests, renters, visitors, vendors, agents, etc., regardless whether they live on-site or off-site.

BALCONY WINDOWS, DAMAGE TO CONCRETE: The weather finally improved in May (far beyond what we expected, with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees on some days), allowing RBS to pick up speed on the work schedule of the 2018 Phase Two. Note that RBS is still behind on the projected schedule of Phase Two due to the cold, windy and rainy months from February through mid-May. Beside the west wall of the garage, RBS currently has seven scaffolds staged on the north side, and two scaffolds staged on the L and M tiers. RBS has four masonry crews and one painting crew currently working on the north facades and the L and M tiers. The warm weather of the last two weeks of May has allowed RBS to make progress on the paint job of the L and M tiers. The finishing work sequence is to paint the walls and railings first, then apply the membrane on the balconies. The application of the membrane on the balconies will start in early June on the L tier balconies, which will allow Call Joe to start the reconnection of the condensing units on that tier once the balcony membrane is cured. The M tier balconies will follow.

Regarding personal property items left on the balconies of the L and M tiers, and on the balconies of the north tiers, including B north: RBS submitted to the Board and management a list of balconies where personal property, such as tables, chairs, planting pots, lamps, etc., have not been removed as requested. After discussion with RBS and the Board, a notice to the noncompliant residents will be distributed with an updated deadline to clear the balconies. As previously mentioned, the Board maintains its offer to assist residents with one or two janitors, at no charge. Simply contact management a few days ahead of time in order to schedule the work.

The Board is sensitive to the tight schedule of RBS that has been significantly disrupted by the cold weather at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. It is the Board’s intent to assist RBS to complete the work of Phase Two this year, as projected. Note that the latest deadline agreed upon with RBS and communicated to noncompliant residents at the beginning of June is the final delay that will be granted to the residents who failed to clear their balconies thus far. If any resident continues to fail to clear their balconies, RBS may initiate the billing of additional costs attributed to reduced productivity. The Board made the decision that such charges, if any, will be billed back to the owners accountable for the reduced productivity. Note that the Board will bill the noncompliant owners regardless whether they live in their units or off-site. The additional charges may include the costs of labor, equipment, scaffolding, administration, insurance, mark-up and taxes, and any other expenses associated to the loss of time. Please be vigilant and check for any correspondence distributed by management on this topic via email, U.S. Postal Service and the Receiving Room.

BICYCLE AUDIT: We are pleased to share that a large number of residents came to the Management Office after the announcement of the 2018 bike audit in order to register their bikes. Do not worry if your bike already has an old MECA decal; be reassured that management will apply a 2018 decal on top of any outdated MECA bike decals visible on the registered bikes stored in the Bicycle Room; to do so, the outdated decals have to be visible and readable (regardless of the year). If a bike has no MECA bike decal at all, old or recent, by the June 10 deadline, the bike lacking a MECA decal will then be taken out of the Bicycle Room, stored on-site for 60 days, and if still unclaimed by the expiration of the storage period, it will be donated to a charitable organization with no further notice.