Management Report: October 2020

Posted on Thu, 10/01/2020 - 12:00pm

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours

CORONAVIRUS: At the time I am writing this article, Malibu East Condominium has had thus far three known COVID-19 cases; two of these cases came to our attention in August. All three cases have been the subject of quarantine and resolved. However, please keep our guards up as recommended by the CDC as we are heading into a second wave of coronavirus with similar infectious degree that may spread faster at this time of year of cooler and drier weather.

FACADE AND BALCONY PROJECT: The work is progressing in compliance with the original schedule of Phase 4. Visual summaries prepared by KGH are regularly email-blasted to our residents; the last update was sent on 9/24/2020. We anticipate the closing of the four-year project by the end of October. As it was explained during the preparation and implementation of the four-year project, repairs are not a guaranty that the building is water-infiltration-free; it is impossible to guaranty a water-free building unless there is a complete replacement of the masonry, concrete and windows, and even so, guaranties would be limited in scope and time period.

In order to assist for the preparation of the next comprehensive repair project of the facades and balconies that may be necessary in 10 to 15 years from now, we encourage residents to continue to document with management any defects they may observe in their units in the vicinity of the exterior walls and sliding doors. As we discussed in prior articles, water infiltration may be the result of failures of façade components, including the original sliding door assemblies. Note that the water infiltration from an original sliding door assembly is likely to damage finishes and electrical wiring of the unit where it is installed, the concrete slab owned by the Association, and finishes and electrical wiring in the unit below.

At the request of the Board, KGH Architects and Engineers performed a water test on 12 original sliding door assemblies located in 10 units. We have a first report from KGH dated 10/2019 and 11/2019 that contain KGH’s conclusions and recommendations on four sliding door assemblies located in two units. The final report for all 12 windows will be available in October. Please be reminded that the costs associated with sliding door assemblies are the responsibility of the owner of the unit.

The Board also hired KGH to prepare a Sliding Door Replacement Guideline, which has been adopted by the Board of Directors as the policy of Malibu East for the replacement of the sliding doors. This guideline includes a description of the original sliding doors, product specifications and installation provisions for the new sliding doors, and a list of approved products. Management provides the policy upon request, along with a list of window contractors who may be interviewed and selected at the unit owner’s discretion.

URBAN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPING: The last portion of Phase 1 of the project consisting of the replacement of the main entrance glass work, replacement of the sidewalk and ADA ramp, and installation of new granite floor tiling on each side of the foyer will start on 10/5/2020. The walkway from the public sidewalk up to the garage will be demolished and redone prior to the installation of the new entrance assembly. Contractor Helios, building staff and Social Committee chair Sandy Chaet have discussed the traffic in and out of the building and garage to be anticipated during the execution of this work. Please expect soon an email blast, door drop and posting of the schematics of the work in the atrium and the logistic associated with the foot and vehicular traffic. This project will last about a month.

Here is a summary of our planning thus far:

  1. The 15-minute parking area between Glenlake and the atrium center will be used as the drop-off and pick-up area; please inform whoever is picking you up or dropping you off of this temporary measure.
  2. The 15-minute parking area facing the atrium center will be allocated to the garage hikers who may need that parking area to abate a traffic jam in the atrium; otherwise, that 15-minute parking area can be used by guests; please inform your guests accordingly.
  3. Delivery carriers (food, medication, flowers and small deliveries) will be requested to park on the street or in the loading dock if there is room; carriers parked on the street will enter the building on foot using the garage entrance and be directed to the receiving table in the lobby (please alert your vendors about this temporary change and remind them to alert you of their arrival).
  4. Individuals having difficulties to ambulate will be directed to the garage entry door that will be guarded and controlled by a garage employee. The person will be assisted either by the garage hiker or the employee appointed to guard the temporary drop-off/pick-up area.
  5. Residents with no difficulties to walk and able to go up and down stairs will be requested to use the north Sheridan entrance.
  6. Pet walkers will be requested to use the north Sheridan entrance and avoid the atrium to transit to and from the dog runs.
  7. Ambulance drivers will be offered to use the drop-off area if available or the bike room apron.
  8. The drop-off/pick-up employee will direct the drivers of Uber, buses, taxi cabs and the like to stop in the drop-off or pick-up area; this area will not and cannot be used to wait on a resident. Those drivers will be directed to the 15-minute parking if not used by the garage hikers, or to the street; please inform the drivers accordingly.
  9. Signs will be posted in the lobby, garage and atrium in an effort to safely direct the foot and vehicular traffic in and out of the building.
  10. The driveway from Sheridan will be completely blocked off and reserved for Helios’ material storage and equipment parking.
  11. A temporary plywood wall will be erected inside the lobby to close off the foyer; the foyer will be restricted to Helios’ workers.

Warning: There will be noise and airborne dust in the atrium; we are advising everyone to wear a mask while in or in the vicinity of the atrium.

Please be reassured that our planning is not set in stone; it will be modified as needed to optimize the safety of everyone and the traffic flow within the atrium.

PET INCIDENTS: We continue to experience unreported or excessive pet incidents indoors and outdoors within the common areas. It appears that most of those incidents occurred because the Pet Policy is simply either unread or disregarded or not passed on to new residents by the respective owners. We all understand that our furry friends may have accidents occasionally. If your pet has an isolated accident in the hallway, lobby, elevator, common areas or even outside in the atrium or by the Sheridan entrances, no big deal; simply contact the front desk staff and report the incident for cleaning at the time it occurs. It’s much easier to clean and there is no charge for the cleaning service.

Per a recent email blast, the Pet Committee and the Board of Directors announced that the new dog runs are now open for use. The card reader currently installed in the new dog runs will be replaced by a new fob system, which has been the reason for the delay in opening. We gave residents the method to get into the dog runs until the permanent fob system is operational. The access will then be given to the pet owners who recently registered their loved ones. This pet registration sheet was attached to the email blast and copies were left at the front desk. Save time and register your loved ones even though she/he may have been recently registered, as past registration (before 9/24/2020) will not be used to give access to the new dog runs.

Per the Pet Committee and the Board, please remember the new rules enacted to keep the dog runs as new and clean as possible:

  1. NO SMOKING in the new dog runs. Cigarette ash and butts will destroy the artificial turf. The turf was expensive and must be maintained for as long as possible.
  2. Pet owners and dog walkers MUST clean up after their pets (solid waste). The dog runs are equipped with a sprinkler system which will clean the area at approximately 2 a.m. each night during warm months. We do not want the experience to be spoiled for other users.

2020 MALIBU EAST ELECTION: Considering the challenges of the Zoom settings, we must state that the virtual annual meeting succeeded beyond our expectations. Adjustments will be made to improve, but still, we had just about the same attendance as last year and the allocated time for the meeting was about the same as last year. On another very positive note, the majority of participants did so by submitting their proxies ahead of time, which allowed the election judge to confirm the quorum before the beginning of the meeting. Again, the Board was very thankful for all the efforts of our owners to participate via proxies and Zoom.

2020 FEDERAL ELECTION: Management was contacted by residents anxious about the upcoming election and asked if the voting will take place in the lobby as usual. Management does not have any information from official bodies thus far. Be reassured that any instructions and/or information from the Board of Election Commissioners will be promptly forwarded to our residents, door-dropped and posted in the building.

2021 DRAFT BUDGET: Management has been instructed by the Board to prepare the mailing of the proposed 2021 budget. The mailing envelope will include the treasurer’s letter, a proposed budget that includes increases, and the fee schedule. We are inviting you to read these budget documents because they contain critical information about the increases that are projected to become effective 1/1/2021. There will be a period of Q & A at the October Board meeting to answer owners’ questions. Please submit your questions via email ( as soon as possible once you have the proposed budget in hand and have reviewed it.

BOAT DOCK: The boat dock by the lake has been completely renovated. A first visit with residents took place on Thursday, 9/24/2020, and a second on Tuesday, 9/29/2020. We were surprised by the number of attendees and the many usage suggestions discussed during the visits. This may be a long-term project depending on the ideas adopted by the Board. Some of the ideas would entail a sizable amount of investment, and some others may be implemented with a very small budget. Please continue to email your ideas to management ( Suggestions are copied and pasted in a document given to the Board. Anyone can suggest to the Board possible usages of the area.

CONVENIENCE STORE: Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the operators of the Malibu Market keep its door open and continue to carry daily fresh dishes, fresh meat and produce, breakfasts, espresso coffee, wines, beers and liquors, in addition to basic body care products. Importantly, they can deliver to your door for a small fee (call 773-347-9797). The store is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. all days but Sunday, and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sundays.