Management Report: October 2018

Posted on Mon, 10/01/2018 - 12:00pm

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours PET NUISANCE: We continue to experience issues related to dogs relieving themselves in the atrium despite our last article last month. All pet owners and walkers, please be reminded of the following rule, on page 12 of the Malibu East Rules and Regulations: “A dog run area is provided and maintained by MECA. A pet shall not be permitted to urinate or defecate in any common area of the premises including the building exterior, including but not limited to the walls, columns, driveways, fences, and landscaped area. By City Ordinance, pet owners are required to clean up any mess made by a pet on public property.”

As introduced in the September article, please be reminded that a letter prepared by the Board to inform pet owners of the $200 fine for mishandled pet incidents will be distributed at the beginning of October, and the fine will become effective as of the date of the distribution.

Furthermore, some pet owners have complained to management about the fact that many pet owners and walkers direct their pets to use the dog runs but do not pick up after their pets. There is no provision in the budget to station a staff member full time by the dog runs to clean up after dogs; only routine daily clean-up is exercised as much as the regular crew members can dispense. As a result, the pet waste is left in quantities large enough for other pets to step on or to discourage other pet walkers from using the dog runs. Please be reminded that all users of the dog runs should be cleaning up after their pets. The dog runs are not meant to give residents or dog walkers a free pass on cleaning up after their pets.

FACADE AND BALCONY PROJECT: RBS’s crews are diligently working on the north side of the building and the west walls of the garage. The disconnection of the condensers on the north side of the building has been initiated as RBS started the application of the membranes on the balconies. Note that the condensers will be disconnected for about one week, which is the time needed to apply the base and top coats and allow the membrane to cure. Thus far RBS’s work progress is aligned with the projected schedule. However, RBS got permission from the Board on Sept. 25 to work overtime during weekdays and Saturdays should it see the need in response to any anticipated inclement weather. As a result, please be prepared to have workers on your balconies after 3 p.m. on weekdays and on Saturdays.

The status of the garage west walls is about the same as last month. RBS is working on the first level of the walls and progressing per schedule. Note that the main entrance of the business center will be closed and traffic directed to the north entrance for about one week, from Sept. 27 through Oct. 4. Management is gathering quotes for the replacement of the guardrails to be installed at the top of the parapet walls, at the level of the fourth-floor deck.

In response to defects revealed through two investigations of the tower’s upper west wall, the Board authorized the architects, KGH, to proceed with a recladding study for the west wall of the tower. This study will focus on materials, methods and estimated costs for the entire replacement of the existing cinder-block cladding of the upper floors.

CONDENSER RECONNECTION, BILLING OF REFRIGERANT COST: Per Board decision adopted in 2017, please be reminded that any refrigerant needed to replenish an air conditioner condenser at the time of the reconnection, due to the fact that the unit had a low level of refrigerant at the time of the disconnection by Call Joe, is BILLABLE to the individual unit owner. The billing of the refrigerant cost will be posted on the November statement.

CARBON MONOXIDE SYSTEM: W.J. O’Neil Chicago has completed most of the installation. The remaining work relates to the motorized louvers, and that work has been temporarily suspended due to the delay experienced in the fabrication of new bird screens custom-made for the louver housings. The project will be completed in mid-October.

URBAN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPING: Jacobs/Ryan Associates presented to residents on Sept. 20 the master plan for the urban design and landscaping project. The presentation addressed the location of the work to be done, the nature of the architect’s approach and projected design, the phasing of the project, and various specifics, such as the dog run treatment, lighting types, parkway curbing, paving, etc. Several comments and suggestions were made by the participants; they will be assessed by the Architecture & Aesthetics Committee for recommendations to the Board.

Here are the comments/suggestions collected thus far and submitted to the committee for discussion:

  1. Heavy Sheridan Road vehicular ingress conflicts with pedestrians; assess the possibility of restricting vehicular ingress to the atrium to the Glenlake driveway;
  2. Reassess the prefab tapered curb; the concern is that people on foot or wheel or walker may not want to step on the curb and would attempt to step over it, which could represent a trip-and-fall risk;
  3. Assess incentives to remind drivers to stop their vehicles along the curb, before the main entrance;
  4. Potential dog run relocation to the fourth-floor deck (or the addition of a dog run to the fourth floor);
  5. Dog run cover/roof to protect pets and pet walkers from rain and snow;
  6. Dog run trash container: increase its size or the number of containers;
  7. Assess direct access to the dog run from the inside of the building;
  8. Globe lights along Sheridan and Glenlake: One resident commented that these globe lights are outdated;
  9. Slush factor and drainage of the atrium should be taken into account while releveling the paving surfaces and sidewalk;
  10. Assess parkway railing to prevent small, medium and large breeds from stepping over the new curb to relieve themselves on the grass.

It is projected that Phase One of the project, consisting of the comprehensive renovation of the atrium, may take place as soon as spring 2019. The atrium work will be sub-phased into two or three segments to accommodate ingress to and egress from the garage and the building. Following this phase would be the renovation of the Sheridan and Glenlake corner in 2020. The dog runs and parkways are likely to be renovated in 2021. For financial considerations, the renovation of the Sheridan Road entrances to the business center and the terraces have been deferred for the time being.

Please do not hesitate to submit suggestions or comments on the project and its components by communicating with the property manager. A color copy of Jacobs/Ryan Associates’ presentation is available upon request via email.

POOL SEASON: Due to the weather forecast, please note that the pool season is now closed as of Sept. 26, per Board decision.

OPEN HOUSE: Association-owned units 9J, 18J and 33H will be the subject of an open house hosted by directors on Sunday, Oct. 14, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

BUSINESS CENTER AND VISITING PETS: Per Board decision on Sept. 25, and in consideration of pet owners using the services of the commercial tenants in the lower level, the Board will allow visiting pets in the business center as long as the pet owner/handler accompanying the pet has business with one of the commercial tenants.

The visiting pet must be kept on a leash and the pet owner/handler cannot use the business center as a dog playground.