Management Report: March 2023

Posted on Wed, 03/01/2023 - 11:00am

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours SLIDING DOORS: We have gathered and continue to gather information with respect to water damage to the common elements owned by the Association, in the vicinity of sliding doors as observed in several units located on the upper floors of the building. Observations indicate that the damage is the result of long-term water leaks from the sliding doors originally installed in the units. Management is in the process of assessing the units in which the original sliding doors are causing water damage to units. Further, the original sliding doors are causing water damage in the units where they are installed and the units below, impacting on the concrete slab, cinder blocks, drywall and floor finishes, and electrical conduit/wiring. Mold growth is also to be expected in those cases.

In such cases, management will contact the owners of the defective sliding doors to notify them of the issue and the pressing necessity to take action to remedy the water infiltration. As far as the repair of the common elements, the Association will perform the repairs and bill back the cost of consultation and remediation to the owners of the defective sliding doors. The repair or replacement costs of personal property (flooring, paint, carpet, etc.) is handled by the respective owners.

Damage to the common elements that is expected to be addressed in this case may include all of the following:

  1. Concrete slab reconstruction;
  2. Cinder blocks tuckpointing and/or replacement;
  3. Electrical conduit and wire replacement;
  4. Studs, insulation and drywall replacement; and
  5. Mold abatement.

Note that damage to concrete and cinder blocks continuously exposed to water infiltration grows exponentially over time in quantity and repair cost. We can easily anticipate four- to five-figure costs, not to mention the disturbance resulting from the construction work. The owners with the defective sliding doors will be advised to consult their insurance broker in order to discuss possible coverage of the costs billed by Malibu East. Owners receiving notification from management will be given a deadline to replace their sliding doors; this information will be documented in the disclosure prepared by Malibu East when a unit is listed for sale.

Unit owners have a unique opportunity at this time to have their sliding doors replaced by a reputable company at a bulk price due to Auburn Corporation’s ability to combine the orders of two neighboring properties: Malibu East and Malibu next door. As communicated on March 3 by Jim Price, the Auburn rep, the door quantities of Phase #2 of Malibu East, combined with Phase #5 of Malibu next door, are as follows: 88 sliding doors from Malibu East and 30 sliding doors from Malibu next door for a total of 118 doors.

This group of orders brings the cost of the sliding doors to the second-lowest price offered by Auburn. Jim Price is hoping to get enough orders to upgrade the orders to the next discounted cost group of 140 sliding doors, which would result in the lowest door price of $7,688.00 per sliding door (regardless of the size, either bedroom or living room dimensions).

Unit owners who want to be added to Phase #2 at Malibu East should contact Jim Price at Auburn.

Note that Auburn has extended the registration deadline of Phase #2 to mid-April for more unit owners to take advantage of the program. Remember that Auburn has worked out an advantageous financing program with a business partner. One option is NO INTEREST AND NO PAYMENT FOR ONE FULL YEAR. A copy of Auburn’s documentation is available in the Management Office.

Jim Price, Manager Business Development
The Auburn Corporation
cell: 312-543-8264

COMMUNITY FORUM: There is an upcoming forum scheduled for March 21. The Board is in the process of having the Declaration amended to be aligned with the most recent Condominium Property Act of Illinois. Another amendment currently being discussed by the Board involves rental provisions with respect to a possible rental cap, grandfathered owners, hardship provision, family occupancy exception, etc. Join your fellow owners to discuss these important changes to the Declaration. After a brief presentation, there will be an opportunity for owners to ask questions and discuss the anticipated changes.

DOGS: I am compelled to remind, again, dog owners of the issues we are encountering too often in the dog runs. Some dogs are experiencing loose stools, which is part of life. However, too many times, the dog walker does not advise the staff to clean up afterward. Anyone can guess the consequences: The turf is smeared with feces; filth reduces the area available to others; and dogs and/or dog handlers may inadvertently step on the smear, causing the filth to be dragged into the atrium, lobby, service elevator, hallway carpet and units.

Other dog walkers simply ignore the policy as a whole and neglect to pick up after their dogs.

Fortunately, we have cameras monitoring the dog run activities. Several of those incidents have been and will continue to be investigated to identify the dogs and units where they live. The $200 fine has been and will continue to be billed to the owners of the units at stake, regardless if the owner owns the dog. Note that each incident is subject to a fine, regardless of the number of incidents per day resulting from one dog handler.

NUISANCES AND STIFF BOARD DECISION: The Board has been informed, too many times, of repeated/nonstop/serious nuisances originating from a small number of units. The repeated nuisances are primarily related to cannabis/cigarette smoke transfer, dog whining/barking, noise/shouting and cooking/deodorizer fume transfer. The Board decided at its last meeting to seriously address the repetitive nuisances that persist despite management’s written warnings to unit owners who are responsible for the nuisances.

The first three occurrences and/or written complaints within a 12-month rolling period will carry a service fee of $50 each, and thereafter, the service fee will be increased to $150 per occurrence/complaint exceeding the first three. For example, if management receives two separate complaints of cannabis transfer in one day originating from the same unit, they would quickly reduce the benchmark from three occurrences/complaints to one remaining within the 12-month rolling period. The same would apply to a dog barking in the middle of the night and resulting in two complaints from two different residents, which would be accounted for as two separate complaints within the 12-month rolling period.

GARAGE PROJECT: Malibu East is resuming the garage concrete project this spring. It is projected that the repair of the overhead concrete ceiling of the second and third floors will be all performed by Bulley & Andrews Concrete Restoration (BACR) in 2023.

BACR has completed the installation of their first enclosure for the overhead concrete repairs on the second floor of the garage. Schematics showing the projected progress of the work are posted by the Management Office.

Self-parkers who are downgraded to valet as needed by BACR will receive a credit based on the number of days before they are returned to self-parking.

Further, and if needed by the garage manager, the 15-minute parking areas of the atrium may be reserved to park vehicles until the garage staff can attend to them. Monopolizing the 15-minute parking areas will be decided by the garage manager. If so decided, guests, vendors and residents in need of short-term parking will be directed to park either in the garage (for a fee) or on the street.

Please be prudent more than usual at all times when transiting the garage until the repair project is completed.

CREDIT/DEBIT CARD FOR GUEST PARKING: Please note that cash and check payments were eliminated on March 1 after a trial period that took place in February. The small payment device is placed on the countertop of the garage reception desk; garage hikers will assist guests with their transactions. The parking fee of the guests who do not have coupons or a credit or debit card to pay will be billed to the account of the owner of the visited unit, starting March 1.

You may give your guests the necessary discounted parking stickers sold in the Management Office. If the parking stickers are not sufficient to cover the parking fee, then the difference must be paid with a credit or debit card.

WEBSITE: The Board has approved the hiring of a consultant to redesign the website in its entirety. The website is being developed with exceptional care and novelties. The web address will be the same, but the format will be totally updated to advanced features.