Management Report: December 2017

Posted on Fri, 12/01/2017 - 11:00am

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours33A SALE: The Board approved the conditions of the sale of this unit to current unit owners at Malibu East. The voting members will vote to ratify this decision at their special meeting on Dec.5.

2018 BUDGET: The Board approved the 2018 budget, as mailed to the owners for their review, during its Nov. 28 meeting.

UNIT WINDOWS: Illinois Sash, a window installer, contacted management to inform the Association that the manufacturer of the Peerless windows they had proposed for Malibu East is now using a painted finish as opposed to clear anodization of the aluminum frame. The painted finish was rejected by the Board as an approved option for owners during its Nov. 28 meeting. Management will ask Illinois Sash to provide an acceptable alternative for owners’ consideration.

INTERNET: Management and every one of you receiving the internet service of HiPoint via the Association were affected by a lengthy internet outage on July 7. That service outage was experienced by a large portion of HiPoint’s customers in the city.

Over the past several years HiPoint has been upgrading its network to keep pace with the ever-increasing demand of its clients for faster speeds. HiPoint was in the final stages of a major upgrade in early July. Unfortunately, HiPoint was unable to successfully complete the migration of its system on July 7 as planned, due to a mainframe software bug, according to HiPoint. Therefore, HiPoint began reverting its settings back to the original settings before initiating the migration. After completing the restoration of the original settings on July 7, HiPoint’s technicians realized that the internet service was not functioning properly, resulting in intermittent outages and sluggish transmissions, even though all the original settings had been properly reset. The issue was very unusual; HiPoint’s engineers, lead account managers and principals escalated the problem with their underlying Tier 1 carrier all the way up to senior management. They finally restored the internet service to normal at approximately 7:30p.m. on July 7. Cisco, the manufacturer of the software used by HiPoint, has since released a corrective patch to its customers, including HiPoint, to prevent this very rare issue from reoccurring in the future.

Having said that, the outage of July 7 prompted the Board to mandate management to negotiate a service discount with HiPoint for the 2016-17 combined outages. The Board was pleased that management was able to negotiate with HiPoint a 30% service cost discount that has been individually redistributed to HiPoint’s residential and commercial clients at Malibu East. This one-time discount of 30% of the monthly fee is posted on your December statement.

RECEIVING ROOM: We invite you to look at the refinishing of the Receiving Room and its equipment. The employees are now equipped with sturdy work tables and stools, robust and functional racking systems, insulated windows with a clear view of the loading dock, commercial-grade floor finish, LED lighting, additional electrical outlets and new paint.

RECYCLING: Malibu East is now equipped with special containers to safely recycle fluorescent bulbs, batteries, TV sets, sound systems and electronics such as computers, tablets, cell phones etc. These containers are at your disposal and located in the lower level, by the loading dock doors. Please note management no longer collects old telephones, batteries and eye frames.

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION: We have received thus far more than 350 applications; most of our owners have opted for the electronic communication as opposed to mailing via the U.S. Postal Service. Management will implement the electronic transmission process once 400 owners have confirmed their preference for electronic transmission. For those of you who haven’t yet indicated your preference (email or mail), it will be greatly appreciated that you complete this form and return it to management at your earliest convenience. The form is available in the Management Office; do not hesitate to request a copy in person or via email.

Keep in mind that the electronic method will allow you to look at all the documents and notices emailed by management, at the time and location of your choice, by using a tablet or a computer, whether you are on vacation, on a business trip or otherwise away from home. You will no longer have to depend on the U.S. Postal Service, or be obliged to search a pile of documents mailed to your home, or make room in your home for the buildup of paper documents. You will be able to track down information much faster and easier using the search engine of your electronic devices. The electronic transmission will allow you to be kept informed of the activities taking place at Malibu East in an advantageous fashion.

FAÇADE/BALCONY PROJECT: RBS is finishing small masonry repairs on the L and M facades. Despite RBS’s previous projections, it had no other choice but to postpone until 2018 the application of the coating on the balconies due to inclement weather (RBS needed temperatures higher than 40 degrees for three consecutive days and nights) and high winds. Management informed the residents of the L and M tiers of their option to put back outdoor furniture and accessories onto their balconies for the winter. For those of our residents who chose to do so, please be aware that all furniture and accessories will have to be relocated from the balconies in the spring of 2018, as soon as the temperature reaches 40 degrees, days and nights, and clement winds allow work on scaffolds.

On a positive note, all 84 condensers of the L and M tiers were disconnected on time during the week of Oct. 23; none of the owners in the L and M tiers was billed the $100 service fee. Each owner received a copy of Call Joe’s assessment/disconnection report and pictures of their individual condenser.

As a reminder, the cost of the reconnection of the condensers in 2018 is being assumed by the Association, free of charge to the unit owner, except for (1) the cost of the refrigerant to be replenished if it was found to be below normal level before the disconnection, and (2) the cost of any repair or part replacement deemed necessary if the unit was found in poor condition before the disconnection, or if parts fail during the reconnection. In those cases, the owner will have to either reimburse the Association if the repair work is done by Call Joe and the owner has agreed to it, or hire and pay an HVAC contractor of the owner’s choice to proceed with the repair and/or part replacement and the reconnection of the condenser.

We are advising the owners who were notified of defects in their condensing units to contact either Call Joe or any other vendor of his/her choice to make timely arrangement for the replacement and/or repair of the defective parts. Owners are responsible for making sure that any HVAC repair work is perfectly synchronized with the façade/balcony project when time comes to reconnect the condensers. The condensers will be reinstalled once the balcony coating is applied in early 2018.

Further, the masonry repairs of the B tier northeast corner facade have been completed. However, RBS was unable to work on the K tier facade as anticipated due to inclement weather and high winds. The K tier facade repairs will be done in 2018 as part of Phase Two of the project.

In order to minimize construction costs, the scaffold on Sheridan Road will remain in place through the winter as it is needed for the remaining work on the L and M tiers, which will be executed as soon as the weather permits in 2018.

Pursuant to the Board’s decision, Phase Two consists of the following: completion of Phase One work; repairs to the balcony and facade as needed and recoating of all balconies on the north tiers K, H, F and D; repairs and recoating of the north balconies of the B tier; complete brick replacement of the garage west wall; and replacement of the commercial mall windows.

STACK EFFECT: A study of the causes of and remedies for the stack (chimney) effect in our building is in progress.