Management Report: January 2022

Posted on Sat, 01/01/2022 - 11:00am

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office HoursPACKAGE DELIVERY: Many of you are anxious to receive online orders, and watchful for your carriers’ delivery notifications to proceed to the Receiving Room to retrieve packages. However, there is a delay between the time your carrier notifies you of a delivery at Malibu East, and the time MECA notifies you that the packages are ready for pickup.

The delay between the two varies daily as it is directly dependent on the number of packages received on that day, the number of tasks involved in getting the packages inside, scanned and sorted, and then regrouping them on shelves or carts, not forgetting that all these tasks are interlaced with answering the phone, releasing packages to residents who received MECA’s notifications, monitoring of the loading dock, registration of vendors and contractors, checking the lower level doors, making enough room to walk safely, etc.

As a result, delivery notifications from carriers do not mean that the packages are ready for pickup from the Receiving Room. MECA’s staff needs time to scan, organize and notify you of the packages ready for pickup. This also means that you may get MECA’s notifications a day or two after the packages were delivered by the carriers, given the panoply of day-to-day operations performed by the Receiving Room clerks.

Residents who proceed to retrieve their packages from the Receiving Room before MECA’s staff has had time to notify them of the delivery is counterproductive. Asking an employee to search for packages that have not been internally processed (scanned, sorted and stored) is impracticable and stressful, with questionable results, as the clerk may not find the packages because they are not yet in our system.

In conclusion, please use the carriers’ notifications as an indication that your packages have been received at the loading dock, and give the Receiving Room clerks the time to notify you that the packages are registered and ready for pickup.

SMOKE DETECTORS: Smoke detectors are installed in units and in the water heater closets, the doors of which open in the common hallways. Each water heater closet is an intrinsic part of owning a unit at Malibu East; each closet contains the water heater serving a unit, and it is also included on the plat of survey of each unit. In other words, you have purchased the water heater closet adjacent to your bathrooms at the time you bought the unit, along with the water heater, smoke detector, wiring and the like installed in said closet.

Further, each owner owns a minimum of two smoke detectors for which they are responsible to maintain and replace, the one(s) inside the unit and the other installed in the water heater closet. Batteries in smoke detectors may last several years and must be replaced when they start chirping, which is an indication that the battery is about to be depleted of its electrical power.

On several occasions, the day-after-day chirping of depleted smoke detector batteries has been reported to management as noise nuisances when they are not replaced timely. Chirping noise complaints are reported for the batteries of smoke detectors either located inside a unit or inside the water heater closet. We usually have those unattended chirping cases when residents are absent due to travel or relocation to another home.

COVID-19 SURGE: Sadly, we hear from several sources about significant surges of COVID contamination in the USA and in countless countries, which infections are increasingly the results of the variant Omicron that is actually even infecting vaccinated individuals.

Wearing face masks inside the common areas, washing hands and respecting the six-foot distancing guideline are a must to enhance our personal protection during this difficult period, as well as avoiding large gatherings, constricted spaces and crowded rooms.

  1. Common areas: Residents, visitors, guests, contractors, housekeepers, etc., must wear a facial mask and observe the six-foot distancing while in the common areas, including the garage, Receiving Room, elevators, Laundry Room and the like.
  2. All recreational amenities are open within normal schedules. We are strongly advising you to wear a facial mask while using any of those rooms, if possible, and to observe the six-foot distancing, particularly in the workout rooms. We are aware that the limits on capacity or distancing may, from time to time, be overlooked or difficult to achieve; you may enter or exit a workout room at your own level of comfort.
  3. Elevators: In addition to wearing a mask, the recommended capacity of the elevators will remain at four persons per elevator, including the service elevator. We are aware that the limits on capacity may, from time to time, be overlooked or difficult to achieve; you may enter or exit an elevator at your own level of comfort.
  4. Visitors will be announced by the door staff and sent to your unit once authorized; they should keep in mind the limits on the elevators’ capacity.
  5. Food, medication, flowers and other similar small deliveries will be announced by the door staff, and those items will be stored in the lobby if nobody is home. Large deliveries will be directed to the Receiving Room if the resident does not answer the door staff’s phone call.
  6. Real estate “open houses” may be scheduled, with agents being asked to keep in mind the limits on the elevators’ capacity.
  7. We request that any resident infected with COVID follow the protocol of quarantine for a minimum of 10 days and contact management to receive the day-to-day assistance offered by the Board (mail delivery, trash and recycling pickup, etc.).

2022 BUDGET: This is a reminder that the Board of Directors adopted the 2022 budget at its November meeting. The 2022 budget includes a 5% increase in assessments. We wish that all owners will be aware of and understand the difference in assessments between their December and January statements.

We are also expecting a slight increase in the cost for the bulk contract of Comcast. Take some time before the end of December or early January to adjust your online payments according to the increased assessment; this will keep your account current and save you a lot of aggravation. For those of you who have enrolled in the direct debit payment program called SNAPP, you do not need to take any action other than making sure that enough funds are in your account effective Jan. 1.

WINDS, COLD SEASON AND BALCONIES: As you may have experienced on Friday, Dec. 17, items on balconies that are not sufficiently secured and heavy may have flown off your balcony. Regularly check whatever is left on your balcony as they must be resecured from time to time due to almost constant winds moving them or loosening the attachments. Have cushions, empty planters, bottles, chairs, utensils, decorations, bags, plates and the like regularly checked or removed for safety.

ORIGINAL SLIDING DOORS AND WATER LEAKS: Any costs associated with sliding door assemblies are the responsibility of the owner of the unit, including replacement costs, as well as the cost of any damage to personal property in their unit and neighbors’ units and common elements owned by the Association. On a positive note, an increased number of unit owners are proceeding with the replacement of their sliding doors.

The policy adopted by the Board for the replacement of the sliding doors is in the form of a guideline that includes the product specifications and installation provisions. This guideline is available in the Management Office, along with a list of installers specializing in the approved sliding doors. We advise you to get several bids as some installers have been found to be very competitive with their pricing.

GARAGE WORK: Building Technology Consultants has submitted its first draft of specifications and drawings for review. Many of you have noticed the chipped concrete at the ceiling of the atrium. Corona Restoration was instructed to hammer-sound the concrete of the waffle ceiling to determine any hollow segments. It uncovered several defective areas and removed, for safety reasons, the concrete that had delaminated from the rebars. The atrium ceiling repair will be performed in Phase 1 of the garage repair project in 2022. The garage project was to be bid out in December, with a contractor to be hired at the beginning of 2022.

METAL REFINISHING: Stuart Dean Company has been hired to refinish the metal of the passenger elevators, including the anodized door frames on the first-floor lobby. This type of refinishing work generally releases fumes. Precautions to vent the fumes will be implemented, including performing the work at night. Please expect this work to be executed in January.

MY SUDLER ACCOUNT WWW.SUDLERCHICAGO.COM: Sudler has modernized its online payment portal. MySudler is its new live payment portal system, which is faster and more intuitive and can be accessed through

For those of you who are registered on, simply use the same login name and password to enter MySudler. If you do not have an existing account, please create one using the new portal. You can use the portal to access your records, including viewing current charges and balances, paying your bill online and signing up for SNAPP.