Management Report: March 2018

Posted on Thu, 03/01/2018 - 11:00am

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours ACCESSIBLE RESTROOMS, LOWER LEVEL:The Board is pleased to announce that the restrooms in the commercial mall are now completed, exclusively for use by the mall tenants and their customers. They have been completely renovated with a floor plan and equipment in compliance with the ADA regulations, finishes selected for their durability and minimum maintenance, and lighting that will achieve energy savings.

NEW TENANTS IN COMMERCIAL MALL: The Board is pleased to announce that two new tenants have been added to the commercial mall. The first tenant is the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness, headed by founder and owner Dr. Sherrie All, a licensed clinical psychologist. CCCW specializes in rehabilitation services for individuals suffering from brain injuries, Alzheimer’s disease and other mental impairments. The space occupied by CCCW is S7, near the east end of the mall.

The second tenant is David’s Market, operated by Kamal Chhabria. He is planning to renovate the entire space formerly occupied by the Malibu Convenient Mart, installing new shelving and equipment. Kamal is currently making arrangements to open a temporary store across the hall in the former bank space until the renovation is completed.

MAIN DRAIN STACKS: We completed the preventive rodding and flushing of the main kitchen drain stacks. This work is done to minimize the risks of sewage backing up into units. We have a total of 12 kitchen stacks. Two of them, tiers B and K, were impaired by a considerable amount of solidified grease mixed with food debris. This is a strong indicator of misuse of the garbage disposals and sinks. Garbage disposal debris and greasy waste are prone to mix together and stick to the walls of the pipes, particularly in the most vulnerable locations, which are the horizontal pipes. Waste buildup in the pipes increases the risk of backups and flooding in units. Once the drain stack diameter is restricted to a critical point, debris and water may back up into the sinks and overflow onto the floor. Flooding in a unit may cause damage that requires the replacement of kitchen cabinets, appliances, furniture and flooring finishes.

Particularly for tiers B and K, it is critical to abide by the following:

  1. Use more water to flush your garbage disposal;
  2. Use more water to flush your kitchen sink;
  3. Use your garbage disposal according to the manufacturer’s instructions;
  4. Refrain from disposing of grease, oil, chicken skin and the like in the pipes or garbage disposals.

CONDUCTING BUSINESS: Per the Rules and Regulations of Malibu East, conducting business in the common areas, including the recreational and workout rooms, is not permitted. Furthermore, talking on a cell phone or using any other type of device that is likely to create a noise nuisance shows a lack of courtesy for the other persons present.

PACKAGE DELIVERY TO UNITS: Malibu East does not offer a door service to bring your packages to your unit. However, the Board is interested in assessing the need and feasibility of an automated delivery service for deliveries to the property after business hours of the Receiving Room. The automated delivery box system would be installed in a room located in the lower level and equipped with controlled access. The room would contain about 65 delivery boxes of small, medium and large sizes, together. Access to the delivery room would be controlled with a key fob reader. A survey will be distributed in the coming months to assess the need and feasibility. At that time we would appreciate your comments and suggestions on this topic to assist the Board and management in their study.

KEY FOB AUDIT: Management is in the process of auditing the key fobs in circulation. Based on the current rules, please be reminded of the following:

  1. Each resident 12 years of age or older is entitled to a key fob free of charge;
  2. An additional key fob can be purchased at the cost of $100 each;
  3. Offsite owners who rent their units are not entitled to a key fob free of charge;
  4. A lost key fob may be replaced at the cost of $55 each;
  5. A broken or nonfunctioning key fob is replaced at no charge upon the return of the defective fob to management;
  6. Key fobs registered to a unit that exceed the number of occupants age 12 or older, and/or in excess of the fobs issued to the unit over the years, shall be returned to management with no delay in order to avoid the applicable fees of $55 each;
  7. Key fobs in excess of the number of occupants in a unit, if not returned to management, will be billed to the account of the respective unit owners on the May or June statements.

GARAGE AND CARPET CLEANINGS: We will proceed with the garage pressure wash in March, followed by carpet cleaning of the residential floors. We request the cooperation of all self-parkers to timely remove their vehicles as requested by the garage manager in order to accommodate the garage cleaning as scheduled. The carpet cleaning will be done by first selecting the floors in critical condition. We anticipate the completion of the garage and carpet cleanings by the end of April.

BICYCLE AUDIT: Management initiated a bike audit starting with the bikes attached to the outdoor bicycle rack. If you have a bike attached to the rack with an orange notice attached to it, please remove it from the rack no later than the deadline indicated on the notice. Once that is done, contact management to register your bike to be stored in the Bicycle Room. Bikes bearing an orange notice and kept attached to the bike rack past the deadline will be removed by management and stored for 30 days, after which they will be disposed of with no further notice.

2018 PROJECTS: The Board made decisions at the February meeting to launch several important projects as follows:

Installation of a carbon monoxide detection system and ventilation control in the garage. This system will help alleviate the stack effect in the building. This is the first step of several actions to be taken to remediate to the stack effect to an acceptable level. Related projects for this year include the installation of strategic vestibules, weather stripping and sealing of gaps, and replacement of the windows in the lower level and on the first floor.

Rehabilitation of the seawall, which shows vertical displacement; the project consists of replacing the existing grade with a concrete slab that provides a structural liaison between the seawall and the building.

Structural remediation of four garage columns to stop the cracking caused by lateral and vertical movements between building compartments.

SATELLITE TV BASIC PROGRAMMING: In order to help eliminate any confusion about our satellite TV and how it works, please find below a short summary of the facts:

  1. Malibu East provides the basic satellite TV programming to each unit;
  2. The basic satellite TV programming is under a bulk contract between Malibu East and USA Wireless;
  3. USA Wireless buys the basic programming from DirecTV and then delivers and bills it to Malibu East;
  4. Malibu East does not have a contract with DirecTV;
  5. USA Wireless is responsible for the wiring and the main equipment that enables the delivery of the basic satellite TV programming to each unit;
  6. Any reception or wiring issues must be reported to USA Wireless at 847-831-4561; do not call the DirecTV national service as you may be adding one extra layer before your service can be restored;
  7. The billing is not discretionary. Malibu East bills the basic cable TV programming to all owners. It cannot be canceled even if the unit is vacant; it cannot be canceled if the occupants do not have a TV; it cannot be canceled if the occupants do not use the basic programming;
  8. Any resident who wants additional features above and beyond the basic programming (such as HD, DVR, premium channels, etc.) must contact DirecTV and pay the additional fees directly to DirecTV as detailed in a separate monthly invoice.

BALCONY/FACADE PROJECT: RBS will install a scaffold and canopy on the Sheridan Road side of the building in order to protect the entrance of the commercial mall before proceeding with the replacement of the bricks on the west wall of the garage and mall. RBS will also complete the work on the L and M tiers as soon as the weather is warm enough for the application of the new balcony membrane and the curing of concrete and sealant work. RBS is currently removing the old membrane from the balconies of the north tiers. Due to the large quantity of encumbrances on certain balconies of the north tiers, management will contact some residents to request that their furniture and other possessions currently stored on their balconies be removed before RBS can complete the removal of the old membrane.

DISCLOSURE OF NAMES, EMAIL ADDRESSES AND PHONE NUMBERS: The Board reiterated its decision to follow the advice of the Association’s attorney and not allow owners to opt out of the new Condominium Property Act provision requiring the Association to disclose all owners’ names, addresses, percentage of ownership, email addresses and phone numbers when requested by another owner. Be reminded that the new provision allows any owner to request this list with no stated reason or restriction, other than the fact that the requesting owner must certify that they want the information for a purpose related to the Association and won’t use the list for a commercial purpose. In February, management distributed to two Malibu East owners the full list of names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc., of all owners.