Management Report: November 2018

Posted on Thu, 11/01/2018 - 12:00pm

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours 2019 BUDGET: The budget was mailed to all owners on Oct. 3 for consideration and comments. It is anticipated that the Board of Directors will adopt the budget at its November meeting, to be held on Nov. 27. Owners should submit any questions in writing before then, or attend the Board meeting to voice them.

RECYCLING: Waste Management started to bill extra monthly charges to the Association for contaminated recyclables or non-recyclable items found in dumpsters. Surprisingly enough, we still find meat bones and other food waste, adult diapers and underwear, syringes, pizza boxes contaminated with cheese or sauce inside, dirty containers, flimsy plastic bags, Styrofoam, and hazardous contaminants such as paint. Malibu East will make a big step forward in its recycling program if all residents make a conscious decision to read and observe the instructions listed on the signs posted in the bulk rooms.

DOG RUNS: The Board is currently discussing the feasibility of creating an indoor access to the dog runs. Following management’s feasibility study, the only possible indoor access to the dog run is located at the north end of the corridor leading to the handball court, lower level, behind the Receiving Room. The feasibility study will be completed by year-end.

UNIT ENTRY DOORS: Pursuant to the rules of the Association, the hallway doors are owned by the Association. The Association is responsible to have the replacement or refinishing done on those doors, and unit owners are responsible for the cost of their maintenance and, by extension, their replacement if needed.

Management will eventually document the main entry and kitchen doors in 2019 to identify their conditions. An observation sheet will be prepared for each unit; the observation sheet will document, as of the date of the observation, whether the doors are in good condition and do not require any work, or whether the doors need refinishing, or whether the doors are damaged beyond refinishing and need to be replaced. The refinishing and replacement costs, if either is needed, will be documented and dated on the observation sheet.

Please note that the information contained in the observation sheet is not static; it will be updated from time to time, particularly prior to the closing of a sale. Regardless of prior inspections, at the time of the sale of a unit, the condition of the entry doors will be assessed and the cost of the refinishing or replacement, if any, will be added to the assessment letter for payment at the closing.

The Board of Directors recently hired a consultant to prepare a master plan for the renovation of the common areas of the first floor, fourth floor and residential hallways. The consultant will need an assessment of all the entry doors prior to the renovation of the residential hallways in order to integrate refinishing or replacement work in the construction documents as needed.

COMMON-AREA RENOVATION MASTER PLAN: Five designers and/or architect firms were invited to submit a proposal for the preparation of a master plan that will contain the program (list of work) and schematics for the renovation of the common areas listed below:

  • Lobby: main foyer, vestibules, access ramp, entrance and revolving and exterior doors;
  • Lobby auxiliary service areas: garage reception, sitting area and office, and service elevator lobby;
  • East section of the fourth floor: recreational rooms, including furniture and equipment;
  • Residential floors: water heater access panels, accent to the main entry door areas and elevator bays, and treatment of ceilings, walls, floors and lighting.

The Association received four proposals. The committee responsible for the project interviewed the best bidders. Following the recommendation of the committee, the Board of Directors hired the firm WEA Design at its Board meeting held on Oct. 23.

FACADE AND BALCONY PROJECT: You may notice that the balcony membrane is being applied on some balconies of the D tier before the condensers are disconnected on those balconies. This method presumes that RBS will complete the membrane coating under the condensers in early spring of next year. This method was approved by the Board as a recourse to maximize the number of balcony membrane applications completed this year.

The K and H tiers are now completed; residents of those tiers gained full usage of their balconies as of the end of October. Chances are, weather permitting, that the F tier balconies may be completed this year, as well. RBS was unable to comment any further on the prospects for the D and B tiers. In a worst-case scenario, the balconies of the D and B tiers will not be completed this year, and the final membrane coatings will be applied in the spring of 2019.

The garage west walls are almost completed. RBS finalized the installation of the new windows in the business center facing Sheridan Road; the indoor temporary wall has been removed; and the drop ceiling and insulation of the window walls will be executed before year-end. A steel company was hired to fabricate and install the guardrail on the fourth-floor deck.

The recladding study of the tower’s west wall is in progress under the supervision of project architect KGH.

Phase Three of the façade and balcony project will take place in 2019. Per Board approval, KGH and RBS will focus on the east façade and balconies and the repair of the brick (brown) masonry wall panels of the south façade. The pools may be closed for either a portion of or the full summer of 2019 while the masonry repair on the south façade and/or the east façade work are in progress.

URBAN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPING: Jacobs Ryan Associates is currently working on the refinement of the master plan and construction documents. Several items approved by the Board were submitted to the architect for consideration during the refinement of the master plan as follows:

  • Trees: Save and prune a maximum of existing trees located in the parkways of Sheridan and Glenlake, and add new mature trees as necessary.
  • Although heavy Sheridan Road vehicular ingress conflicts with pedestrians, the Board decided not to block either egress; the option of closing off the Sheridan egress is discarded; it is necessary to assess safety options, such as a beeping noise or voice and strobe lights to alert walkers of incoming vehicles in the atrium.
  • Drop-off and pickup zone west of the main entrance: Assess incentives such as computerized monitor affixed to a column to identify the stop area and/or visible marks for the stop area using line ID, area demarcation and/or reflector inserts, etc.
  • Potential dog run relocation to the fourth-floor deck (or addition of a dog run to the fourth floor): This idea has been discarded.
  • Dog run cover/roof to protect pets and pet walkers from rain and snow: Integrate the cover in the drawings and specifications, and request bidders to price the cost as an “alternate.”
  • Dog run trash container: Increase size and/or number and use the flap-cover type.
  • Globe lights along Sheridan and Glenlake: Approve the landscape architect’s recommendation to install new globe light fixtures.
  • Parkway railing: Include in the drawings and specifications the railing on three sides of the Glenlake and Sheridan parkways and request bidders to price the cost as an “alternate.”
  • Connection between dog runs: Add a gate between both runs.
  • Dog run turf: Assess the installation of sprinkler heads into the synthetic turf in order to facilitate its maintenance.

CARBON MONOXIDE SYSTEM: W.J. O’Neil’s work in the garage has been delayed due to back-ordered custom-made mechanical louvers, and the temporary electrical wiring feeding the scaffolds of RBS that is passing through the opening of a new louver. We expect the completion of this project by the end of November.