Our Captain's Walk neighbors: An underrated resource

Posted on Sat, 07/01/2017 - 11:30am

By Tracy Poyser

Captain's WalkEven though our Captain’s Walk, the commercial mini-mall on the lower level, is only an elevator ride (or a few stair steps) away, I bet many of our residents don’t know much about the individual enterprises and the professionals calling it their business home. And, it’s the connector between Malibu East and the neighboring Malibu condo building at 6007 N. Sheridan, whose residents enjoy access to the Captain’s Walk via an elevator for their exclusive use. For businesses relying on a pedestrian clientele, the indoor access by residents in the two buildings’ 850-plus condo units can be a great advantage.

Although the closing of our handy Byline Bank branch in the southwest corner left a prominent gap ready to lure a similarly attractive business or service, the rest of the corridor has been getting new life, with four new business tenants added along the corridor’s south side this year alone. Here’s a quick guide to both the new and established Captain’s Walk businesses that call Malibu East their commercial home – walking along the corridor from the SW to the NW corner.

Immediately east of the vacant bank space, you’ll see that the former dry cleaner space has morphed into a spacious new personal fitness studio. Bezz Training (BT) is owned by long-term local fitness guru Jorge Bezerra, whose goal is to educate, train, inspire and support his clients throughout their fitness journey. BT creates a personalized fitness road map for all ages (including seniors), with programs ranging from individual basics to small (up to eight persons) group classes using high-intensity training paired with one-on-one coaching. Jorge is also hoping to assist our Social Committee with an orientation for our fourth-floor Fitness Room equipment. Drop in for a visit.

Walking east to executive suite S4, note the colorful window signs for a new oasis of peace for your mental and physical well-being (no receptionist; pick up brochures and business cards inside):

The first professional tenant in this new executive suite was holistic psychotherapist Sarah Wynn (LCSW). Sarah has more than 25 years’ experience working with people with issues similar to yours. She has worked with people of all ages (4-85); many different ethnicities (American, Hispanic, Indian, Pakistani, South American, Japanese, Korean and more); different religions (Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu); and varied sexual orientations and identifications (heterosexual, homosexual, transgender and gender-neutral). Sarah offers a wide range of services and helps her clients through difficult phases in their lives. You can reach her at 773-580-7282 or via email at sarahwynnlcsw@gmail.com. Her website is www.sarahjwynnlcsw.com.

She is joined in suite S4 by CG Therapies, headed by psychotherapist Christi Gardner (LCSW, CADC). CG Therapies offers psychotherapy, meditation and life coaching, helping clients cope with depression, anxiety, shame, low self-esteem, relationship issues or just feeling empty inside. Also on CG’s staff is Joyce Mulford (LCSW), a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in severe mental illness, as well as aging and end-of-life issues. CG accepts several types of health insurance, including Medicare. Check www.cgtherapies.com for more details, and call 773-359-3505 for an appointment.

Also sharing the executive suite is Dr. Elaine J. Wagner (DC, LAc), offering holistic chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, nutrition and hypnosis/self-hypnosis. She values prevention as much as the treatment of specific problems, and teaches self-help to all who are interested in assuming more responsibility for their well-being. Check www.ewagnerholistichealth.org for in-depth details, payment options and links to Dr. Wagner’s blog. Call 773-274-6827 for appointments, including house calls.

Next door is a very well-known face in our community: H. M. Wagner Realty Services LLC, headed with professionalism and a personal touch by Helen Wagner, who’s been working as a real estate broker from this location for more than 28 years, with a focus on Sheridan Road condos. Although she’s been living in Glenview for some years now, she still sees our community as her second home. She loves to help people with their housing needs, and retirement sure isn’t in her line of vision (yet). See Helen’s contact info in the advertising section of this issue. Her phone number is 773-334-0200.

Moving east down the hallway, A Perfect Connection Inc. is another newcomer to the Captain’s Walk. Its owner is Louis Hubbard, a neighbor from the Malibu building who outgrew his home-based business. He has found a great growth niche as a third-party service with internet shopping giant Amazon, repackaging and shipping products to fill Amazon orders for individual customers (excluding retail).

Next to the vacant N7 space, note the sign for the private offices of Weinstein & Ryan Inc./T. Ryan Enterprises LLC. According to its website, Weinstein & Ryan deals with surety bonds and all branches of insurance (see www.weinsteinandryan.com), while T. Ryan Enterprises operates in the trade association industry’s membership organizations sector.

The far east end of the mall houses the family medicine practice of Dr. Ahmad Bastani, MD. He’s been practicing for 29-plus years and moved into our building about 18 years ago. Dr. Bastani is affiliated with Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital; Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, Saint Mary Campus; and Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago. His hours are Mondays 1-5 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-8 p.m., and one Saturday per month. For an appointment, call 773-506-9600. See www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-ahmad-bastani-yprsv.

Moving to the north side of the mall and past the vacant N9 space is JDT Medical Billing Ltd. Gregarious owner/president Jonnae D. Topper started the business at her 6007 N. Sheridan Road home in 1980 and moved it to our Captain’s Walk in 1993 in order to expand and grow. JDT now has 13 employees doing medical billing services for 70 clients across numerous specialties. The company was ranked as a gold medalist billing service by Medicare, the highest ranking available. As you walk past JDT, notice the doggie screen at the entrance – that’s because Jonnae’s two adorable pooches help her in the office. You can find out more about JDT at www.jdtmedicalbilling.com.

West of JDT is the Horbal Dental Office, now in the very capable hands of third-generation dentist Kerstin Horbal, successor to her dad, Jack Horbal. Their fascinating family history was the cover article in the June 2017 Dialogue, so please read it if you didn’t get around to it yet. Hours by appointment – call 773-275-0010 or check out www.horbaldds.com.

Next door is the Sheridan Hair & Body Studio – Beauty Care for the Family. Owner Anna Ivleva started working in the salon 26 years ago and has owned it since 2001. It’s a full-service hair and beauty salon for women, men and children. Anna wants to keep it small and intimate, always with a personal touch – everyone is family to her, and she has enjoyed seeing little girls turn into brides. Anna’s artistic talent doesn’t stop at being a beautician; she’s also a very gifted painter, with some of her work gracing the wall of the salon, and frequent gallery showings. Hours are Tuesdays 9-5, Wednesdays 9-8, Thursdays and Fridays 9:30-6, Saturdays 8-5, and Sundays by appointment – phone 773-561-6595.

Don’t miss the Bridgeview Bank ATM as you walk farther west – and please help us keep it in the building by using it as much as possible.

Finally, everyone knows our handy, brightly lit Malibu Convenient Mart at the northwest corner, owned and operated by Lou Barhoumeh since the late ’90s, with his son George as his right hand and the entire family helping out. Not only do they provide beer, wine, ice, groceries and general merchandise as the sign proclaims, but the corner table, with its regulars coming for coffee and deli treats, is a great place to take a break and meet a few neighbors. Hours are Mondays-Fridays 8-9, Saturdays 8:30-9 and Sundays 10-6.

By the way, the rent paid by these businesses goes to the Association, so patronizing these businesses helps them and, in turn, helps Malibu East. So, if you know of someone looking for an attractive business location, please point them toward the Captain’s Walk.