State of the Association

Posted on Sun, 10/01/2017 - 12:30pm

By Marcel Molins, President

Marcel MolinsAnother year and counting, and once again a year with many projects and a lot of work. My task is to give you an overall view of the work done and to be done, and the other officers of the Board and the chairs of the committees will provide you with more specific information.

First, I will mention some of the projects that we all saw, such as the completion of the modernization of the elevators. As it is to be expected in a major project of this nature, there have been a few problems. Compared to how it used to be, I continue to be impressed when I see how quickly I go from my 25th floor to the Lobby.

We also completed all the steps required by the City to get the life safety certification. We do hope that the safety procedures will never have to be used, but we are very comfortable with the fact that we are prepared in case of a fire or any other similar catastrophe.

We have also implemented the City’s recycling ordinance, and thanks to cooperation from all of you, we are meeting the requirements of the ordinance.

We are in the first phase of a four-year façade comprehensive restoration project. Before we got started, we interviewed a number of architects. We met twice with all of them and we selected one. Thereafter, we interviewed a number of construction companies, again at least twice, before we selected the company to do the work. The work is progressing in accordance with the plans.

The sauna on the 4th floor was a potential fire hazard. So it was renovated.

As many of you may have noted, the Management Office was renovated. In addition to our residents, potential buyers and tenants, as well as many other people, visit the office. It is very important that they all come out with a good impression of our building, and I think that the renovated office does justice to that image.

I think that you will agree that we have a very good crew of loyal employees both in the building and the garage. Their employee rooms needed to be renovated and we did it.

The number of LED lights in the building has been substantially increased, and we will continue to install more. They are obviously more energy-efficient.

Other projects that you may not have noted are the rodding and flashing of the plumbing on many floors, the replacement of kitchen pipes in some areas of the building, as well as work on the garage columns.

We have added several cameras to provide greater security to various parts of the building.

We installed in the Windjammer Room new sliding window/doors to provide to all of you the possibility of assessing which type of window you might like to install in your unit. Please take the time to look at them and, thereafter, feel free to talk to Violette and Melody in the Management Office to get information about the potential suppliers.

We have hired a consultant to study how we can control the chimney effect of the air in the building, which makes it so difficult, particularly in the winter, to open doors.

We have investigated the condition of the east seawall of the boat dock next to the lake and found that it will need to be stabilized. We will do the work in the coming months.

After interviewing several landscape architects, we have hired one of them to provide us with a plan to beautify the outside areas of the building.

We have spent substantial time in issues related to the Captain’s Walk. The work is in progress to make the men’s and women’s restrooms compliant with ADA requirements. We are waiting for the City permits required to establish a fire escape capability on the east side of the Captain’s Walk to meet the City’s requirements for safety in that part of the building. Once this work is done, we will review what can be done on the boat dock for the benefit of the Association.

All the tenants of the Captain’s Walk are now able to get internet service.

We have increased the number of tenants in that area and thus increased the traffic in the Captain’s Walk. We have not been able to get a bank to take over the bank space. As you all know, banks have been closing branches. So, it is not likely that we will get another one to open here. We have arranged, however, to have an ATM machine in the mall, which meets the needs of most residents.

We have bought and renovated, and sold, a number of units in the building, and we believe we have succeeded in maintaining the value of the units. This is obviously our main objective. In the process, however, we have made some money for the Association.

All the units we own that are not for sale are rented at market prices and are producing also some profits for the Association.

Even though we have many pending projects, particularly the façade and balcony renovation, which is a major undertaking, our finances are in good shape, as will be reported to you by our treasurer. Over the years, we have endeavored to build reserves to be able to fund these projects and other expenditures that may be required in a building that is 46 years old, and these funds are now being used to pay for these projects. By the way, a majority of the Board decided not to increase the assessments next year.

We at the Board are very proud to serve you, and we thank you for your support and consideration.