State of the Association

Posted on Sat, 10/01/2022 - 12:30pm

By Arthur Arfa, President

This is a short report on what the Board has accomplished since our last annual meeting. Several of the chairs of some of the committees will also provide more detail on the accomplishments of those committees. In addition, our treasurer will provide an overview of the Association’s current financial condition.

First, I would like to thank my fellow Board members and all residents that have participated in the various committees that have made our successes in this year possible.

As you know, the building is over 50 years old; as such it requires constant maintenance to keep the building in the condition that our owners rightly demand. To that end, during this year we have completed the landscaping project that began last year. We have not been satisfied with the outcome of that project. The expert we hired to oversee this project apparently was wrong regarding the cleanliness of the pavers in the atrium. As you may note, the pavers that are exposed to rain are relatively clean; however, those pavers in the atrium that are not exposed to rain are dingy. We are continuing our conversations with the expert and the company that installed the pavers to remedy that problem. In addition, the fence around the new dog run has proven not able to withstand the wind around our building. We have contracted with a company to remedy that problem.

Before I became a Board member, I thought that concrete was permanent and required little maintenance. I have learned that concrete is almost a living thing that must be constantly maintained. To accomplish that maintenance, we have contracted to repair the garage concrete, including the waffle slab in the atrium. The first year of that contract has been mostly completed. Additional phases for the second and third floors of the garage will be done over the next few years. In addition, work has begun to repair the seawall where the concrete was deteriorating.

New machines were installed in the Laundry Room. We have entered into a new contract for our TV and internet service that increased the speed of the internet service offered. The Building Aesthetics and Services Committee has undertaken the refreshment of several areas of the building, including this room, the library and the purchase of additional seating in the lobby. The Community Events and Recreation Committee has planned and carried out several events to enhance the feeling of community in the building. These events have permitted us all to meet with our fellow residents in a social atmosphere that enhances our enjoyment of the community we have at Malibu East.

The sliding doors in each unit are the responsibility of each owner to maintain or replace. Many of these doors are original to the building and have surpassed their original useful life. We have arranged for the bulk purchase of replacement sliding doors which should allow owners to make these purchases at quite reasonable terms. The replacement of the doors should help prevent water and air infiltration into the structure of the building and individual units.

Over this year we have sold five units that the Association had purchased at quite favorable prices. That has helped improve the cash position of the Association.

As you may know, the Association currently subsidizes the garage in the amount of approximately $250,000 per year. We have hired a consultant who has presented a plan to the Board that will permit the Association to greatly reduce that subsidy. The Board hopes to put this plan into effect in 2024.