Things you need to know for your TV-Internet wiring installation

Posted on Fri, 07/18/2014 - 7:16pm

cable spoolA significant upgrade to Malibu East’s wiring is under way, and residents will soon have access to more television options and extremely fast Internet connections. Workers under the direction of our Management Office and USA Wireless Satellite TV are going tier by tier, running dual bonded coaxial cable and Ethernet wiring to each unit. You will need to keep your balcony clear of objects from the railing to the outer wall of the first bedroom immediately west of the living room during the week when the work is scheduled (you’ll be notified in advance).

You will have the ability to take advantage of these improved TV and Internet services, if you so desire, but it is very important that you decide first what you want – and what you will need to accomplish that objective.

First, with regard to your television watching, the bulk programming to which Malibu East is subscribing is DirecTV’s Choice package, the same as under the previous contract. Each owner will be billed $22.99 per month for this service, instead of the current $32. If you have upgraded to a better package with DirecTV, you’ll be able to keep that programming. If you have a standard definition receiver, you’ll be able to keep that, too. However, if you have an HD DVR receiver (silver box), or wish to upgrade to HD, USA Wireless must replace it with a new receiver, which will enable you to access thousands of on-demand titles if you connect it to the Internet. However, you will lose any programs you had recorded on the old DVR receiver if you switch to a new one. There are other equipment options you may consider, as well.

On the Internet side, HiPoint Technology Services will provide high-speed service (100 Mbps download and upload) to each unit on a bulk basis, meaning that each owner will be billed $24 monthly for the service. It is important that you decide whether you want your Ethernet (Internet) jack in the living room or first bedroom before it is installed. No modem is required for your new HiPoint connection. You will also have to determine whether you will need any additional hardware (wireless router, etc.) to connect your computer equipment. You may lose some of your current hardware when you cancel service with your current Internet service provider, as the hardware is generally the provider’s property. (Don’t cancel existing service before your new HiPoint service is established, and dont enter into a contract with another Internet provider that you cant cancel on short notice.) Connection to one piece of Internet equipment is free. For a fee, HiPoint will be able to supply and configure a router and make sure your computers can connect to the Internet on the initial service call.

As soon as the wiring for a tier is completed, USA Wireless and HiPoint will make an appointment with each unit to drill a small hole in the first bedroom wall to bring the wiring into the unit. They will then install jacks in the first bedroom and living room near where the existing back-to-back loop system TV jacks are now. One of the wall boxes will now include your new Ethernet jack.

Watch for the informational packet that will be distributed to every resident. It will provide additional details for programming and equipment options. You can also check out for more updates.