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Malibu East Condominium 2019-20 Board of Directors:
  Marcel Molins, President
Thomas Vaughan, 1st Vice President
Arthur Arfa, 2nd Vice President
Joan Scholl, Treasurer
Robert Larson, Assistant Treasurer
Carl Stahlheber, Secretary
Carol Beatty, Assistant Secretary
Sam Bullock, Director
Carl Chadek, Director
Sandy Chaet, Director
Thomas Irvine, Director
Martina Molins, Director
Malibu East Condominium documents: PDF
  Board Committee Assignments
  1971 Malibu East Condominium Declaration (retyped in 1998)
  Malibu East Condominium Rules and Regulations (2008)
  2015 Fee Schedule
  Understanding condo insurance (2020)
Other documents: PDF
  20th / 24th Police District Beat maps (we are in the 24th District)
  Illinois Condominium Property Act
  Illinois General Not For Profit Corporation Act

Malibu East Dialogue

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