These are the Malibu East Garage rates effective January 1, 2018.

  1st motorcycle   83.00
  1st single self-parking 163.00
  1st tandem parking 149.00
  1st valet parking 136.00
Monthly surcharges:
  Preferred 32.00
  2nd vehicle 28.00
  3rd vehicle 32.00
  4th vehicle 80.00
Guest Parking
  Up to 2 hours   5.00
  2 to 4 hours   9.00
  4 to 6 hours 11.00
  6 to 12 hours 16.00
  12 to 24 hours 24.00
  Weekly 65.00
Parking Coupons
  $30 value for 25.00
  $60 value for 50.00

Parking Coupons are available in the MECA office in $1, $2 and $5 denominations.

No new third or fourth vehicles are permitted while there is a waiting list for second vehicles. See the Garage Manager to sign up or to check the status of the waiting list or for any questions about the garage rates.

To cancel parking, the parker must provide either the Garage Management or the Building Management Office with a written parker cancellation plus the decal NO LESS THAN THIRTY (30) DAYS PRIOR to the proposed date of the cancellation. There is a two-week proration for any cancellation.

Don’t forget, you must register your guests for garage parking privileges.

Atrium parkers must register at the doorman’s station and are limited to 15 minutes. Violators will be towed.