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2002 Director Candidates (Aug 23, 2002)

Note: The Candidate Information Form submissions reprinted below have been edited to remove names other than that of the candidate. The original forms will be part of the election package which will be mailed to owners.

Sandy Chaet

Teacher, Real Estate Broker with rental, sales and management experience.

Served as a Floor Captain, MECA Board of Directors, Committee work includes Commercial Property, Community Affairs, Garage, Parent, Pet, Security and Social.

I have lived in Malibu East since 1978. I believe that the management experience I have received furnishes me with the knowledge and understanding which benefits me as a MECA board member. I understand the cooperation that must exist between the board and management. I am presently on the Board of Directors and would like to continue.

Malibu East should be an enjoyable and affordable place to live. If re-elected, I would strive to keep our costs and expenses at a minimum, yet maintain and take care of our structural concerns. I would try to achieve realistic goals for maintenance and improvement, and try to maintain high standards for our property so our units continue to appreciate in value. I will have an open mind and try to make the best possible decisions for Malibu East. I would like to have a building where management, board and residents work together for the best needs of our community.

Ila Chaiken

As I complete my third year I take the opportunity to review my contributions to Malibu East Board of Directors:
  • Running training sessions for MECA employees on sexual harassment and explaining MECA's policy for reporting.
  • Working with a committee to redesign and resurrect the Floor Captain's Committee. I have worked with a small dedicated group to reevaluate the need for the committee.
  • Acted as Chairperson for the Safety Committee. Planned and implemented the delivery of a Safety folder for each resident. Planned and implemented the informational presentation Taking Charge of your Safety.
  • Contributed to several committees as assigned by the Board.
I am a clinical social worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work and a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Sociology. At [...] I held the position of Director of Social Work for 11 years. I have had a private therapy practice for nearly 20 years and continue to work with men and women of all ages.

I have developed many excellent communication, negotiation and problem solving skills. My work in the hospital provided experience on committees where important decisions were made. In addition, balancing the needs of the hospital, with the demands of the physicians, and the rights of the patients prepared me for the discussion, negotiation, compromise and flexibility needed to be on the Board. I believe I am truly able to listen to what is being said. A therapist must have the ability to listen, not judge the speaker, hear the content, be non reactive and reserve judgment until the facts are known.

One of my continued goals is to provide a neutral position, where the issues are what are important, not who has proposed them. I am also aware that the Board is comprised of people with a variety of professions and occupations. I believe I add another dimension.

I want to continue serving on the Board because I believe in taking an active interest in where I live and my community.

Larry Creter

I would like to continue my work as a member of the Malibu East Board of Directors and to contribute my time and skills in the important task of maintaining our home in the highest quality and in the most cost efficient manner. I have served on the Board for the past four years and as Board Secretary for three years. I have been actively involved in the aesthetics of the building, including the exterior landscaping, holiday decor and the decoration of our common areas such as the lobby, mail room and laundry room. A new decorating plan for the hallways is being developed. There are many projects still to be completed and initiated.

I have enjoyed my home in Malibu East for the past 26 years. Our building is one of the largest and most beautiful condominiums in the East Edgewater neighborhood and we are seeing exciting revitalization and change. First impressions are an important factor for visitors in determining a home's desirability and worth and maintaining and improving our building's "first impression" - landscaping, entrance, driveway, lobby and hallways - are extremely important.

My professional skills in aesthetics would continue to contribute to this goal. I am a graduate of the [...] College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning, majoring in graphic design. For the past 34 years I have worked in this area of study, concentrating on package design and sales promotion. For the past 19 years I have been associated with the design firm of [...] where I am a designer and creative director.

I thank you for your consideration.

Marcia Fishman

I have enjoyed being a homeowner of Malibu East for the past 11 years. Over the years, I have appreciated the hard work our Board has done and I would like to contribute my time to the continuous improvements the Board strives for.

For 25 years I was employed as an administrative assistant in an international law firm in Chicago. Currently, I am employed in [...] and will use my experience to work for the betterment of the building.

Jon Heller

My wife [...] and I have enjoyed living at Malibu East for more than three years. Our current Board has done a terrific job of representing and governing our community - Malibu East is a great place to live! I feel it's important to serve our community and I would like to put my experience and interests to work for my neighbors as a Board member. I believe my strong analytical skills and ability to sift through the details of any issue may be helpful assets to the Board, especially now as we face substantial expenses. I believe that a business approach can often be the best approach when facing Malibu East's issues and challenges. If elected, I will work with all Board members and building management to continue to ensure that we get the biggest bang for our assessment dollars, that we strive to keep assessments as low as possible, and that we are ever mindful of your property values in all they we do. Thank you.

Marcel Molins

I became a Spanish lawyer in 1959 and a U.S. lawyer in 1966. I am admitted to practice law in Spain and in Illinois and before the U.S. Supreme Court, and a member of the American, Illinois, Chicago, Barcelona and Madrid Bar Associations. I am a partner of the law firm of [...] since 1970. I have been a resident owner of Malibu East for 31 years.

Sixteen years ago, upon my election as Director and thereafter as President of the Board, I concluded that the major objectives of the Board should be:

  1. financial responsibility to make sure that our assessments are properly used for the benefit of the building.
  2. to bring a sense of community life into the building.
  3. to increase the value of the units.
  4. to enhance the facilities and the security of the building.
  5. to increase the reserves of the Association to a comfortable level to take care of emergencies and improvements.
Improvements have been made in all of these areas. Nevertheless, we are again in the midst of undertaking major repair projects. Thus, I decided that I should present myself for re-election, so that, if elected, I can continue to insist on pursuing the above mentioned objectives in the best interest of Malibu East.

Neil Warner

Having lived at Malibu East for 25 years and having been a staff member of our newsletter, the Dialogue, for a number of those years, I believe I have learned what the assets of our building and our community are, and what must be done to maintain those assets. As executive editor of a national publication, I have overseen a number of projects with outside vendors and been responsible for making certain those projects stay within budget.


  • B.S. degree in journalism from [...], 1969.
  • Completed some graduate work in counseling psychology at [...], 1970s.
I have worked for 26 years at [...], serving in a number of positions, including managing editor and executive editor, and currently overseeing the editorial content on several Web sites.

I would like to serve on the MECA board because I think it's important to continue the fine work of recent boards, which has enabled the sales prices of units at Malibu East to rise dramatically in recent years. I believe its essential that we stay current with all building repairs to maintain the value of our units, and I think its extremely important that we continue to have a well funded asset reserve to pay for necessary projects without levying a special assessment I also would like to try to promote a greater feeling of community among our residents.


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