Management Report: May 2021

Posted on Sat, 05/01/2021 - 12:00pm

By Violette Deschamps, Malibu East Manager

Office Hours FOURTH-FLOOR DECK: For the convenience of our residents, the Board of Directors has decided to open the fourth-floor deck earlier this year, excluding the pool enclosure. This information was email blasted to our residents on Friday, April 30. Starting Saturday, May 1, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., residents have access to the deck, tennis court and running path.

The start of the pool season will remain as of the weekend of Memorial Day. As a result, the pools, pool deck enclosure and shower rooms will be accessible as usual, starting on Saturday, May 29.

Everyone must wear a facial mask to and from the fourth-floor deck, per Board decision.

POOL SEASON: The Board maintained its decision to open the pools with no pool attendants nor lifeguards. Any person using the pools does so at his or her own free will and risk, and children at the free will and risk of their respective parents or supervisory adults. Note that parents, guardians or any other supervisory adults shall be with the children at all times when within the pool enclosure or the fourth-floor deck.

Please read below the pool rules:

  1. Pool enclosure opening schedule: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  2. Any person entering the pool enclosure must have their pool tags and have signed the Pool Waiver.
  3. Pool tags and Pool Waivers are available in the Management Office, during business hours.
  4. Lost pool tags can be replaced during office business hours.
  5. A maximum of two (2) guests per unit is allowed (red tags). Guests include offsite relatives, friends, etc.
  6. Residents and unit owners are responsible for the conduct of the occupants of their units, family members, guests and children.
  7. Use of the pool requires everyone to shower before entering a pool.
  8. Swimmers must wear proper swimming attire; persons in cut-off jeans and street clothes are not permitted in the pools.
  9. Street shoes are not permitted within the pool enclosure area.
  10. Residents, guests and children who are dressed in only swimming attire must use the service elevator, unless it is out of service or reserved for a move.
  11. Swimmers of either sex with long hair (shoulder length or longer) should wear caps in the pools.
  12. Hair should not be combed near the pool’s edges to ensure better operation of the filter system.
  13. Smoking, food and beverages (other than water in a plastic container) are prohibited within the pool enclosure area.
  14. Glass or metal containers are not permitted within the pool enclosure area.
  15. Only one (1) mat per resident or guest is permitted. Each mat must be covered with a towel, to be furnished by the resident or guest.
  16. Non-water games (e.g., ball throwing, Frisbee throwing) are not permitted within the pool enclosure area.
  17. Unattached flotation devices are allowed if used in conjunction with attached devices such as water wings, life jackets, etc. Unattached flotation devices are not to be allowed as sole-support safety devices. Floating mats or chairs are forbidden.
  18. No running, roller skating or roller blading, or any other activities which may be dangerous to anyone, shall be conducted on the fourth-floor deck, including the pool enclosure.
  19. A responsible person at least twelve (12) years of age, who can swim, must supervise all children under the age of twelve (12). However, children between the ages of five and eleven will not require a supervisory person to accompany them if they can pass a swimming test. The swimming test requires that the child can swim two lengths (one lap) of a big pool without support devices. The swimming test must be conducted by one of the parents or a person of at least 12 years of age, with parents observing and making a final decision on the test’s outcome.
  20. No private pool parties will be allowed within the pool enclosure area.
  21. Radios or other devices producing music, noises and/or voices, unless equipped and used with earpieces, are not permitted within the pool enclosure area.
  22. Neither barbecuing nor any preparation of food is permitted on the fourth-floor deck unless it is done in conjunction with a MECA-sponsored party, or specifically approved by management.
  23. No animals of any kind are allowed on the entire fourth-floor area.
  24. Residents, guests and children must properly dispose of waste in the refuse containers.
  25. Any person failing to obey the Rules and Regulations and policies of the Association will be required to leave the pool.
  26. Violations of the pool rules, regulations and policies, and/or failure to follow the directives of the Association’s agents, may result in a grievance action against the associated unit owners. Hearings may result in loss of pool privileges, and billing of fines, investigation charges, and other costs as decided by the Board.
  27. Privileges to use the pools may be denied to unit owners (or the occupants of their units and their guests) if the owner is delinquent in the payment of his/her financial obligations to the Association.
  28. Any building employee doing a routine check on the activities around and in the pools and on the fourth-floor deck has full authority to make decisions related to the safety and welfare of users, rules violations, and usage of pools on the fourth-floor deck.

PARTY ROOM: The Board is allowing management to book the Windjammer Room this summer subject to further review of the pandemic status at the time of the reservations in order to either approve or decline the reservation if the pandemic has not sufficiently subsided, or based on the CDC’s most current recommendations.

RISE BUILDING PLATFORM: Rise is a property software that was designed and programmed in Chicago. It is a comprehensive application constructed to deliver real-time communication, social engagement and workflow management with the constituents of residential properties. It can be used to streamline several operational tasks in buildings, ranging from visitor management, package delivery, reservations, work orders, emergency notifications, payments, parking applications and cancellations, and more, in a user-friendly mobile application. It will be adapted as the dashboard of the management team to increase operational efficiency while enhancing communication.

The management team is currently working on the database to be used in Rise, and on the training of the staff members that will be key liaisons with the constituents of our community.

Further communications will be shared to indicate the implementation timetable of Rise. Management will work concurrently with both the current management tools and Rise until the new application is fully operational.

2021 LOBBY ENHANCEMENT: The Board of Directors allocated a budget to embellish the lobby with new furniture; new carpet in the lobby carpeted area, the mail room, and the cart room; and painting of the window walls.

PET POLICY: The Board of Directors discussed the situation of numerous pet incidents that primarily consist of dog urine accidents in the common elements that are unreported to staff members for prompt cleaning. This is a reminder that management was directed by the Board on Oct. 1, 2018, to apply a fine of $200 to unreported pet incidents.

This matter was discussed and reviewed by the Board one more time at its April board meeting following several fine waiver requests from owners who got a pet fine billed to their accounts. At the conclusion of their discussion and review of claims submitted to the Board, the directors are reiterating the Board’s Pet Policy as follows:

Pet ownership comes with responsibility. Malibu East’s ‘no fault’ pet policy is very generous in that if an incident is reported timely to building door staff, there is no penalty.

The Board adopted this policy in September of 2018 (effective Oct. 1, 2018) due to numerous complaints of pet urine accidents in the common areas, both inside and outside of the building. This policy has been communicated to owners and residents no less than twelve times since then, using various communication methods, including paper door drop, email, and Dialogue articles. In addition, all new renters and buyers were given this policy. Every pet owner has received this notice in one way or another.

Management and the Board have received many requests to ‘forgive’ the $200 fine on pet accidents unreported by the dog owner. At the April 2021 Board meeting, the Board reconfirmed the existing policy and informed management that the Board will not be granting any exceptions.

Note that the policy addresses pet incidents that are not reported by pet owners, as well as by pet handlers if different from the pet owners. Further, notification of any pet incident and the applicable fine by management is emailed to the owner of the unit where the pet lives, regardless if the unit owner is the pet owner. And last, the fine is applied to the account of the owner of the unit where the pet lives regardless if the owner lives in the unit or does not own the dog.”

2021 DOG REGISTRATION REMINDER: The Board of Directors has adopted a Dog Policy, complementary to the provisions of the current dog rules and Declaration, that includes a new registration effective Jan. 1, 2021. The new registration contains a provision to the effect that dogs, regardless of breed or size, must be covered by the insurance of the owners or renters.

All dog owners must re-register their dogs regardless of whether they had registered their dogs in previous years, including 2020. All fobs associated to units with dogs registered in 2021 will be activated to operate the dog run fob readers as soon as the first week of April (postponed from March); the other fobs will be reprogrammed so that they won’t operate the fob readers of the dog runs.

Please be advised that you must register your dog(s) using the 2021 form, with no more delay. The Board of Directors recently adopted a fine of $100 applicable to the owner of the unit where a dog lives and remains unregistered in 2021. The 2021 form is available in the lobby, in the Management Office, and was email blasted Jan. 11, 2021.

BALCONY PONDING: Now that we have entered the spring rainy season, management continues to get phone calls from owners questioning the ponding on their balconies despite all the abundant information already communicated in writing on this matter.

The balconies were originally built with a pitch from the walls to the edges to allow water (rain, melting ice and snow) to drain away from the building. However, concrete naturally sags over time in between reinforcement rebar grids, particularly in the middle where the rebars are the weakest, due to its own weight and gravity. As a result, the majority of our balconies collect water along the knee walls and/or in the center parts; it is a widespread problem at Malibu East as well as other concrete buildings. The water staled in the depressions of the balconies is inconvenient for a lot of reasons, besides adding wear and tear on the membrane.

We can assure you that the Board has discussed many times the ponding issue and potential solutions with consultants and contractors. There is not much that can be done besides the application of a light leveler (liquid) applied before the final green coating, which was done by Reliable Building Systems during the course of the comprehensive façade and balcony project that took place from 2016 through 2020. The leveler, as part of the membrane system, slightly compensated for the sagging of the concrete, but overall, the sagging will be visually about the same and water will continue to collect on your balconies. Completely negating the effects of the sagging of the concrete is not possible at this time, given the absence of durable products on the market that will effectively achieve the correction while surviving our blistering winters. The only other known remedy is unrealistic to finance as it entails cutting off large and deep sections of sagged concrete, then installing new rebar in the sections and repouring new concrete, not to mention that the timetable of the project would be at least three to four times longer than the four years we just went through.


URBAN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPING, PHASE 2: Helios Construction has completed the painting of the ceiling consisting of concrete coffers, the wiring and installation of the lighting on the ceiling and north wall of the atrium, the stripping of the old pavers, the replacement of the three underground pipes connected to the fire standpipe systems, and the new concrete curbs around the atrium center and around the west 15-minute parking area. Helios will complete the west side of the atrium and then proceed with the completion of the east side. The anticipated completion date is early June.